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How to Disable VSC / Traction Control in a Toyota

, posted: 19-Feb-2007 11:25

Disable the VSC / TRC for Caldina GTT - possibly for other models too

Very easy to implement, stupidly hard to figure out!

you will need a:

Phillips Head Screwdriver
Wire Cutters,

- wire ends / Plugs
- wire


First, undo the three screws holding the bottom cover on the steering column,
As per the Picture, screw no: 1 & 3 are on opposite sides of the steering wheel, screw no: 2 is underneath.

Once removing the cover, look for a small white plug to the left hand side of the Steering wheel:

coming out of this plug will be a solid green wire with silver dots on it.

this is the wire that needs to be cut, and have a switch installed on it.

When I cut mine I used wire plugs, so I can remove the switch, plug the wires back togethr and restore the car to original form in very little time.

I have my switch installed next to the 12/100v on/off switch.

once you have installed the switch, you will be able to disable VSC on the fly, you infact only need to have the switch off for a couple of seconds,

it will then stay disabled while the car is switched on.

To turn the VSC back on you need to switch the switch back (obviously) then you need to switch the car off (I wouldnt recommend this while you are driving... lol)

I have a couple of additions I am working on at the moment to enable the VSC to be switched back on, while driving, however,
they both have a couple of issues, which Im looking to resolve.

More information

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Comment by Chris, on 9-Apr-2007 01:14

Hey Inane,

I am having a problem with my VSC in the caldina if you could help i would like to talk to you further on this situation. Please e-mail me at chris******

Thank you,


Authors note: Email address edited to prevent spam

Author's note by inane, on 9-Apr-2007 13:03

Email sent!

Comment by Justin, on 27-Dec-2008 17:37

What about other Toyota mad vehicles?

i have a 2006 Scion xB and it's got a switch for Traction control but in my area, the VSC causes a HUGE problem for me.

the Scion xB is incredibly similar to the newer Toyota Yaris.

obviously the wire color may differ but the design should be somewhat similar right?

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