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How To protect your Content from plagiarism.

, posted: 21-Feb-2007 17:55

Plagiarism, its a fairly hot topic at the moment.

so how do you protect yourself from it?

there is a great site called Copyscape, they offer an initial free service which returns a limited amount of results,

however for a small fee of 0.05c USD per search you can even access an api that will automatically report to you.

minimum purchase is 100 searches, or $5.00USD but I think its well worth it. I just bought 100 searches with the use of my trusty "prezzy card" and I don't regret it.

plus there is a number of options for cool banners such as this one:

Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape

its a very handy and neat little webpage - powered by google alerts api apparently, however its still very handy to find out if your content is being stolen.

Copyscape also have a handy guide on what to do if you find you are a victim of plagiarism

thats located HERE

More information

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Comment by juha, on 21-Feb-2007 19:31

When you find out, what do you do?

Author's note by inane, on 21-Feb-2007 19:39

I'll get to that shortly, there are a large number of resources on the internet that discuss various things that you can do, I'm just compiling a list of links,

eta: 9pm NZ Time.

Comment by Mark McCrohon, on 21-Feb-2007 22:27

I have developed a plagiarism detection tool called DOC Cop ( that may be of interest. DOC Cop does NOT take ownership or copyright of your material and does not retain your material beyond the time it takes to generate your report. DOC Cop scans a document of up to 500 words against the web in minutes. DOC Cop also scans Word documents very quickly - one million words, a thousand thousand-word documents or Homer's Odyssey against Joyce's Ulysses within 20 minutes.

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