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Colossal Squid caught,

, posted: 23-Feb-2007 12:26

Off the coast of Antarctica, in the Ross Sea,  a fishing boat has caught a rare colossal Squid, but not only that, but all reports indicate that it is the largest example of the species ever found,

although the species was first officially discovered in 1925, (through some body parts found in a sperm whale)
there have been very few sightings until a full specimen was caught in 2003, this was in the same area as where they found this new one.

writings which describe species such as the colossal squid have been around since about the 12th century where norweigan sailors reported attacks by the "Kracken"

since then tails have grown and shrunk,

however according to reports I have read, if anything was going to be doing these attacks (that we know of) then its more likely to be the colossal squid rather than a giant squid, as not only is the colossal squid bigger, apparently its also an order of magnitude more aggressive.

however it still makes little sense why a bottom feeder would attack a boat on the surface.

the colossal squid has eyes the size of dinner plates, along with razor - sharp hooks on its tentacles.

the scientific name is Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni

More information @ national Geographic (click the image below)

Pictures of colossal squid, bigger than giant squid

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Comment by Florence Liger, on 23-Apr-2008 09:59

If you are interested in this colossal squid, Te Papa currently hosts it. It will be dissected together with 4 giant and another colossal squid starting Monday 28 April. The dissection will be broadcasted live. More info can be found on our website: and of course, on our blog: :)

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