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Top Secret Classified Study by UK M.O.D. on

, posted: 24-Feb-2007 16:40

A top secret, Highly classified study by the UK Ministry of Defence,
on Remote Viewing type psychic phenomena has just been released under the freedom of information act.

What is remote viewing? Wikipedia says the following regarding remote viewing


In the field of parapsychology, remote viewing is a neutral term for extra-sensory perception,
usually performed during experiments in which the percipient tries to
describe a distant location or the environs of a distant agent. The
term was introduced by Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff in 1974.[1]

but effectively Remote viewing is when someone (claims) to be able to view objects by "leaving" their body and traveling to another location.

related phenomenon include "astral travelling".

The papers that have been released by the UK Ministry of defence go into quite a lot of detail, even though a lot of the information has been blacked out.

The Set up of the Tests

The MOD rented a house in which to conduct the experiments, the details of what they did in the house has been blanked out.

for each subject they created a composite video comprising of three images,

the first image is a recording of the head, so that they can track and review eye movements and facial expressions.

the second was a video of the drawings they were doing at the same time, or as some call it the sketches of their "impressions"

the third image showed EM field data that was taken by a sensor close to the subjects head, audio recordings were taken also.

The Subjects

They originally planned to approach "known" viewers, basically by searching the web and finding people with websites who claim to be able to remotely view.

there were other non-specific enquiries made, however the details of this were blanked out.

in addition it appears that they also posted a message or an advertisement somewhere, and they were contacted by someone who was promising, but from the sounds of it because the MOD were obtuse and would not tell the person what institute or company they were from, that person declined to be involved in the study.

If you are that person, I would love to hear from you, I assure you, your anonymity is garunteed.

there is a table that details the persons who were contacted, however the names are (obviously) blanked out.

but the response rate was out of Twelve people contacted, six did not respond, and obviously six did provide a response.

The Detail,

the first indication that shows that remote viewing has been proven by the military is in a very simple paragraph on page twelve.

The main part that I find facisinating in the above paragraph is "the mechanism (undefined) that enables RV to take place"


Another interesting comment is that they have commented out the reason they did not use trained remote viewers to establish the base line.

The Experiment itself

Effectively there would be photographs of six targets, these could be buildings, Places, Events, Objects, People, etc.

however the photos must be clear and conatain only ONE SUBJECT.

For Instance a person infront of a significant building was not acceptable as confusion could arise as to the 'question' being posed with such an image.

The visual representation of the target was to have a question written below it, i.e. what is this place, where is this place, who is this person.

the target paper would then be sealed in a brown envelope with a six-figure random number written on the front, this is the number they used to identify the RV sessions.

Each group of Six targets were used for the other two people as subjects when they act as the untrained RV control group.

It does not clearly specify what was done as part of marking, and psychologists overseeing the test suggested group marking was more appropriate, therefore this was adopted.

Experiment Results

the paper provides close to full details of each of the experiments,

Experiment 1: "Subject may have accessed the Target"
Target: Mother teresa,
Subject drew a number of triangular structures that could have represented an abstract of the picture.

For an unspecified reason, details of experiment two and experiment 3 are missing.

Session 4: "Subject may have accessed the target"
Target: blacked out.
won't comment on what was drawn as not relevant.
Session5: "Subject did not access the target" - and infact the guy was totally off, the image was blacked out, however had the description underneath of an "asian inhabitant" and the question attached to the image was "what color is he wearing"
and the subject drew a picture of a white church with no people, in the mountains.

Session6:"Subject may have accessed the target"
Question and image blacked out, the images drawn are of a disembodied shirt + tie, alony with an image that looks like a > symbol, and a "Tyre like"

however its impossible to know what points they agree with as the whole image has been sensored.
Session 7: "No score"

Session8: "Target was not Accessed"
Target: Blacked out, question was "who is this person"
A whole bunch of random images, but notthing worth commenting on.
Session 9: subject did not access the target
drew a bear, and then wrote "RATS"

so concludes part 1, part 2 continues on.

Session10: Target was not accessed.
Session11: "possibility that subject accessed some of the features associated with the target. - features associated with the target in context.

Session12: "Did not access target"
Target: Photo of a gas station,
Question: "What is this place"
this one was also totally off, with some of the pictures including "warship damaged at sea" - however much you could conjecture that they were seeing the result of oil based wars its too many degrees of seperation to count.

Session 13: Target was not accessed. however they were interrupted by the electricity meter reader! I bet that guy would have freaked a bit!! lol.

Session 14: "Possibility that the target accessed some of the features of the target"

Session 15: "Target was not accessed"

Session 16: "Target was not accessed"
Target: Photo of wine / beer glass with tem, small amount of liquid on the edge of a table.
Question: "What is this"
the drawings included a picture of teh japanese flag and a waterfront overseas with palm trees.

Session 17: "Possibly accessed some of the features associated with the target."
Target: Photo of half open lock knife (I think)
Question: "What is this?"
I tend to agree with them, even though most of the images were totally off, the picture they drew of a safety pn and a partially disassembled fountain pen did look a lot like the image, and hell I couldn't make out for sure what the image was until reading further.

Session 18: "The target was not accessed"
Session 19: "The target was not accessed"
Session 20: "The target was not accessed"

So all in all, 28% of the sessions resulted in a possible RV, however this was for what they continue to refer to as "Untrained Remote Viewers"

the fact they keep referring to "untrained" I find fascinating, they could of course be talking about people who work as psychics, etc.

except the papers actually detail that these are the types of people they approached to use as "Untrained" remote viewers.

nothing concrete, but I would love to get my hands on an uncensored version of this report.

Especially when looking at Appendices, there are many interesting snippets, however most of the pertinent information has been blanked out.

such as this

After that there is about 2.5 - 3.5 of completely blacked out information.

and thats it.

I must admit that its an absolutely fascinating read, however as is quite often the way with such documents, they have erased enough details to leave things totally up in the air as to a definitive answer.

there is also an attached letter that explains why much of the data has been removed - except for some key points,

Where are Sessions 2 and sessions 3?

all the pages are numerically ordered and seem ok, but its the perfect place for a conspiracy theory to grow,

it could be as simple as a clerical error, but it could be that the two sessions resulted in a definite accessing of the target,

who knows, only those directly involved in the study and those with access to "UK EYES ONLY" papers.

If this sort of thing interests you I highly recommend you Check it out:

and the actual webpage with these links is HERE

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