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Windows Vista Product Activation Cracked (but not really!) -Updated-

, posted: 4-Mar-2007 11:12

A resourceful hacker has released code that uses brute force to find valid product keys.

however as per his claims of a hoax, it is a hoax, and it isn't a hoax - the chances of you being around to see a successfull key aren't great,

in fact if you are that opposed to buying a copy of vista a much faster method would be to save $1 a week for the next thousand years and buy microsoft.

Brute force is one of the oldest and tried and true methods of gaining access to systems, and in general requires the least amount of human working and thinking and the most amount of working from a computer.

however it is also one of, if not the most cumbersome and time-costly approaches.

the theory behind it is sound, however the chance of generating a legitimate code at this stage are fairly small - with current computing power available (unless you have access to a supercomputer of some description?
it has been estimated that to generate all the legit codes it would take 1.35 quintillion years, which is

however! the fact is that with the rate that computing power is increasing it won't be long before you will be able to apply that method and have it work in a reasonable timeframe...

lets face it, I remember cracking password files - back in 1994 -1995 and it would take a week for my veritible army of machines (3 XT's a 386, a 486dx/25 and my Beefy 486 DX50 with 16 megs of ram!) a week to generate the dictionary files,

it would then take another two weeks to fully generate all a decent number of user names and passwords from the file - (thats excluding passwords with more than 6 characters too)

but now that same sort of operation could be performed in hours, I think processing power still has a long way to go before we can reduce 1.35 quintillion years down to a few hours, but at the same time I think it will also happen in our lifetime.

I think the more advanced forms of cracking will probably be at the forfront for the pirates and nasties who are stealing vista - rather than paying for it, but hey - good on you "computer user" good way to tap onto the vulnerability and tidal flow of the internet. nice way of getting more fame over a couple of days than would have been possible in years gone by.

if I knew who you were I'd buy you a beer!

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Comment by Mark Wilcox, on 4-Mar-2007 13:01

Apparently it's a hoax...

Comment by freitasm, on 4-Mar-2007 17:03

And then on Slashdot today he declared this was all a hoax and the keygen is just a trick, which will not "crack" anything...

Author's note by inane, on 4-Mar-2007 17:18

Its not actually a "Hoax" its completely  unwieldy and totally unlikely to achieve a result in any sort of reasonable time.

serves me right for not doing my homework!

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