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Sites I visit.

, posted: 7-Mar-2007 13:08

I have compilied a small list of some of the sites I like to visit,

some are useful, some are entertaining, some are well miscellanous.

In no particular order...

Well of course, its a fantastic site, with news, reviews, blogs forums and chats. it has a great community aspect to it as well.

The Register
The register is an IT related news site, with a twist, their tag line "biting the hand that feeds it" says it all,
most especially I enjoy reading BOFH (Bastard Operator from hell) A bit of dilbert - esqe type humour from an IT perspective that is always good for a chuckle - and I've heard that its written by a kiwi!

Sourceforge is a great site with many open-source projects happening at any time, thousands of great utilities along with some really cool stuff.

Privacy commission
Speaks for itself really

A great site, with many thought provoking articles.

The Thinking Blog
it is as it says, there is a wide range of topics, and its well worth a visit and again.

King, Queen, duke, lord, emperor and high master of the net. good search engine too.

Google News
Google news, all the news, from everywhere, nuff said.

A site, that while it's seems a bit past its heyday is still a great source for all manner of utilities and shareware downloads.

Microsoft Developers network. nuff said really.

Sybase site, with many resources, especially for Sybase dba's and developers.

A great site to buy and sell "stuff"

The worlds best Hacking and security related site.

An interesting site that discusses blogging as an occupation, and how to do it.

A great tool for detecting plagiarism.

You Tube
Cmon! its You Tube.

so there you have a few sites that  I like to visit on occasion.

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