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Online Money making systems - Part 1.

, posted: 13-Mar-2007 02:06

Online Money making systems - in itself this is an almost "taboo" subject.

much in the same way people make mocking comments about those trying to sell "Amway" or any number of MLM's (Multi - Level Marketing) or Network marketing schemes.

the reason these traditional sorts of schemes are mocked is not because they are not successful, hell there is plenty of evidence that these money earning schemes work,

its more that its about what you have to do to earn money.

you need to recruit friends and relatives, and get them to recruit friends and relatives.

the earning potential in the schemes is the same as any other business - with one difference.

for the first long while, you are making other people money with your work.

the chances of successfully earing an income off these sorts of systems is the same as any other successfull business, around about 1% or 2% (I'll see if I can find where I read those statistics to provide a reference, or I'll be complying with the statement "76.6% of all statistics are made up - hell I just made that one up!")

but the systems do work if you work at them and you have luck, and eventually you move up the line.

in theory though, these systems cannot work forever - purely because at the heart of it they are a pyramid scheme in the most part.

before I get flamed, I know there are all sorts of systems which try and approach a circular theory, and ones that require that you keep working and those that only send a small percentage of your earnings up the line etc. etc. I am talking about this in general terms.

so that is your traditional MLM and network marketing schemes / systems at a glance.

Internet Money Making Systems.

straight away you'll look at that line, and think -  wheres the scam.

and lets face it, with the various Nigerian Scammers, Phishers and all the other scum out on the internet,
along with all the horror stories, its no surprise that when you come across a site that proclaims that it will

A) Teach you how to make money of the internet,
B) Make you money off the internet.

you think, Ok, sounds great (haha) whats the catch
and surprise surprise - it costs you money.

I'll be spending some time over the next couple of days evaluating each of the easy to find sites and looking at what they offer and what the cost is.

My expectation is that the answer is likely to be the same as a humourous statement made by a comedian (not sure who)

"I went along to a conference with a rich guy teaching everyone how to get rich, there were 500 people there, each ticket cost $250, the guy got on stage and said " I got rich by going round the country selling tickets to conferences on how to get rich to losers like you..."

I'm sure thats not a verbatim quote - but you get the gist of it.

I have a feeling that most of these money making systems will simply be, selling the system to more people.

more to come.

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Comment by Jama, on 13-Mar-2007 17:02

I actually tried Amyway (cough, cough) when I was younger and I was quite successful at it. You are right though it relies on roping in all your friends and family and convincing them to use the products. Not that the products are bad but the thing that got to me was the whole 'Americanised' religion of Amyway. All a bit to touchy, feely for me. The events were quite evangelical, like some sort of charismatic religious gathering except it was 'praise the dollar' rather than god. In the end I gave it all away and cut ties completely much to the disappointment of the person above me who was making a killing of my 'group'.

Comment by ibofightback, on 13-Mar-2007 17:07


*Legitimate* and *legal* MLMs are NOT "pyramids at heart" - because payment depends on volume created, not on recruiting. In Amway for example you can theoretically earn pretty much whatever you want with no recruiting at all, or you could recruit a million people and not make a cent. If an MLM, or indeed any other type of "money making scheme" *requires* you to recruit people, rather than simply as a marketing technique to create sales - RUN! It's probably illegal.

Keep this in mind as you evaluate opportunities. If you make money through recruiting people, it's probably illegal.

One other comment. Professional and experienced MLMers know that your friends and family are, at least initially, the *least* likely to join you in any new money-making venture. I take the approach with friends and family of simply "this is what I'm doing, thought I better show you, ciao". They often join later, but like most businesses, network marketing tends to be built through acquaintances, not close contacts.

Comment by ibofightback, on 13-Mar-2007 17:13

jama - there's many different groups who work with Amway, some of them are lead by folk who are indeed religious evangelicals, and their organisations reflect that. Others are run by folk who are, or used to be, engineers (!). A bit of a different approach, though by its very nature networking requires a bit of "touchy, feely" stuff. It's working with people after all.

Comment by asianbro, on 14-Mar-2007 11:19

Good luck, I haven't come across any worth while sort of making money scheme that isn't scam or illegal.

Comment by Nitin A. Gurli, on 30-Jul-2007 21:39

just goo for money without it there is nothing to leave.

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