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Installing Ubuntu - So easy, I may be about to join the darkside

, posted: 13-Mar-2007 16:22

The other day i thought I'd give linux a shot.

so I went along to the ubuntu page (

and clicked download.

downloaded the iso for 6.10 that went pretty quickly - while I was doing other bits and pieces on the web, and it took a grand total of about 45 minutes.

burnt it to cd, and took it over to an older p3 that I had prepared earlier.

chucked it in the drive, booted it.

*bang* Linux up and running.

really easy to find the config for networking, so I set that up for my secondary TCL Cable connection

tested that - went to Http://


(time passed approximately: 15 minutes including three coffees and 4 ciggarette semi breaks.)

so I hit Install, a really user friendly interface.

let me select DVORAK from the word GO!

hit continue. synchronised with internet time servers.

hit next. entered the computer name, login name and password.

selected where / how I wanted to installed (blowing the harddrive away for a completely clean install)

hit finish / ok / install (can't even remember, but very intuitive)

and it sat there for about 20 minutes, told me to take out the cd and reboot.

and its done. really friendly, really easy.

I am honestly really really surprised. I am a tried and true Microsoft Junkie, but I may just be about to kick the habit - quick I need to find a MS partner event and get free stuff.!

I'll be going offline now to install ubuntu onto my main Workstation (This one) and we will see how that goes.

more to come.

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Comment by Greg, on 14-Mar-2007 04:39

Don't you mean you are about to leave the darkside? M$ is the evil empire you do know ;)Linux is the Free Republic!!

Comment by Matt Fletcher, on 14-Mar-2007 22:30

You smoked 4 cigarettes in 15 minutes?! Blimey. Enjoy Ubuntu, it's wonderful.

Author's note by inane, on 15-Mar-2007 15:19

thanks matt.

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