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Ubuntu install update. (Boot into Windows Count: 1)

, posted: 14-Mar-2007 11:38

As mentioned earlier on, I was going offline to install ubuntu onto my main work machine - which I have.

and yet again it was the most trouble free, easiest install I have ever done.

However it has automatically detected and is supporting my dual display setup - but only in clone mode.

I'm trying to get the multi - view to work.

the initial look and feel is great, and I mean great. the user interface is clean and crisp, and just looks Good.

installing apps is really easy.

I'm liking this more and more.


I have had to load into windows because the recompile of the ATI Radeon drivers didn't work.
I followed all the instructions provided by ubuntu, step by step, and as far as i know did everything right.

but unfortunately from what I have read, ATI quite often release Crap drivers for linux.

this is a vast difference from windows, where ati's drivers are second only to Nvidia (thats one loyalty that is totally unchallenged. I have Never EVER had a problem with an Nvidia graphics card - dodgy cheap nasties not counted)

something else that is missing, is the real basic information, such as - "What to do if your install of video drivers fail, and you need to restore from console".

I'll be compiling a list of Questions, that will no doubt be second nature to you seasoned open source-rs but to a seasoned proprietor of licenced goods, such open source behaviours are not within the thinking stream.

my intention here will be to discover the answers and contribute them somewhere so that hopefully it is helpful for someone else.

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