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Telecom and Vodafone, An idea for you.

, posted: 15-Mar-2007 14:09


yep. I think thats the way to go, everywhere you look there are more and more options for 3g data and usage, but you have to go on a plan to get it.

and theres still the fear, and odd horror story around the traps about people who have accidentally gone over and recieved massive bills.

I know vodafone offer usage insurance to stop that happening, but I think the real deal breaker would be to be able to get prepaid Data.

You could sell some cool prepaid bundles, I'd love to be able to go down and spend $60 on a sim and get 1gb of data and $10 worth of calling.

Same deal with Telecom, I'd love to wander into a shop and put one of my windows mobile devices on Prepay.

From a business risk perspective it makes a lot of sense too, hell the person has paid upfront.

the only reason (not taking technical issues into account here) I can think of, is that its much more profitable to lock people into plans.

hell telecom Won't actually LET you put Prepay onto an Apache!!!

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Comment by sbiddle, on 15-Mar-2007 19:15

Vodafone should sell prepaid data packages - ie 1GB for $99 that has a 1yr expiry in much the same way as prepaid airtime. This would allow casual users to use mobile data..

Comment by johnr, on 15-Mar-2007 20:58

I say watch this space!!

Comment by sbiddle, on 16-Mar-2007 08:01

I hope they don't steal my idea!!

Comment by cokemaster, on 16-Mar-2007 10:33

Patent it in the true American style...

Author's note by inane, on 16-Mar-2007 10:38

hey, I've already got the IP here. you patent it, I'll sue you for theft of intellectual property and that'll pay for My patent :P

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