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Optimus Maximus, OLED Keyboard release announced.

, posted: 16-Mar-2007 15:53

The keyboard we have all been waiting for,

the Optimus OLED keyboard is finally on its way.

The original concept, along with planned design was for a 103 Key keyboard.

Instead, they have extended the concept to have an additional 10 keys on the left hand side for additional monitoring and controlling functions;

Some Specs:
Each and every key is a 32 by 32 pixels full color display,
It will be a mass storage device, according to the Q& A it will be at least 512KB
Cost wil be $1500USD

some more pics:

I think this keyboard looks great, I sincerely hope that with the release of this one, they will generate enough money to go on to develop some further keyboards purhaps something with more of an Ergonomic appeal to it.

Either way, I'll be getting one, albeit I'll wait for them to come out,

the sheer possibilities for a keyboard where each key is 32x32 pixel full color display are endless.

--Updated more thoughts--

There are lots of people griping on the web about the cost of the keyboard. but I personally have no issue with a keyboard that costs that much,

I would prefer a more ergonomic layout for it, however when it comes down to it, the Keyboard is most possibly the most important device for interacting with a computer.

and takes most of the workload - hell i could easily spend 8 hours a day using a keyboard,

If you buy a top of the line monitor (lets say two, because noone serious uses a single display) you would pay top dollar.

nobody criticises dell for selling a 27inch LCD for ~$1909 or a 30inch lcd for $2500.

so I don't understand a lot of the complaining  on the internet at the price of the keyboard.

at the end of the day you get what you pay for, each one of those keys has componentry thats worth around $10USD - do the math, 10 * 114 = $1,140.
$1500 - $1140 = $360.

that is not a huge margin.

hell if each key costs half as much, you are still getting much better value that one of Microsofts membrane based  naturals, and they aren't a bad keyboard.

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