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Iran: Britain must admit navy trespassed; Britain: Iran Must admit they were in Iraqi Waters

, posted: 29-Mar-2007 13:45

The current standoff between Iran and the UK is all over the papers at the moment,

Iran is stating that Britain must admit the navy trespassed into their waters before they'll send the captured troops back,

Britain is stating that Iran must have been in Iraqi waters - and is willing to provide so called evidence to the fact.

The Iran government has released a video showing the only female member of the crew, Faye Turney admitting that they trespassed,

britain then froze dealings with the country.

so, IRAN has publicly suggested a solution to the situation, but Britain is appearing resistant.

Iran is also happy for British officials to meet with their officers,

the UK is claiming it has GPS readings that prove the captured soldiers were 1.7 nautical miles inside Iraqi waters:

Iran claims it has GPS readouts taken from the british boats immediately after capture that show they were within their waters,

Iran also has shown a -supposed- handwritten letter from Faye Turney, to her family, stating: "I have written a letter to the Iranian people to apologize for us entering their waters," along with the usual emo stuff written by those who are uncertain of their fate about children, parents and husbands/wives.

A spokesman for Tony Blair stated that "any showing of British personnel on TV wolud be a breach of the Geneva Convention"

Hold - on the GENEVA convention, doesn't that cover the treatment of Prisoners Of War? are Britain and Iran at War? hrmm.

The  UK MOD have also released this slide (chart of the persian gulf):

and then this slide:(iranian Claimed positions):

I am totally sitting on the fence with this particular issue, I am not sure who is in the right, and who is in the wrong,

this could quite simply be a genuine mistake by either one of the British or Iranian sides, or it could be something much more sinister,

in a more conspiratorial light, it could be that britain with waning public support for the war in iraq, deliberate engineered for their soldiers to be captured - then use a public campaign of denial, and structured diplomacy to escalate the situation,

I could see it happening like this
  1. British personel captured - britain claims iraqi waters, iran claims theirs.
  2. British refuse to admit the trespass. cut ties.
  3. Iran insists they admit the trespass or they won't release the soldiers.
  4. Britain sends in some special forces to rescue them, and kill a couple of Iranians in the process,
  5. Iran declares this an act of war and retaliates
  6. Britain re-retailiates,
  7. and so on until the "coalition of the willing" invade.
  8. whether we will hear it happen like that is another story, even if it does.
or from the opposite perspective, Iran could have captured the sodiers in a bid to use them as a bargaining chip, perhaps to arrange a swap for some of their special forces that were captured doing reconaissance in Iraq,
or maybe for a bit of leverage in the negotiations around getting them to stop their nuclear program.

but aside from the swap of the soldiers, I personnally cannot see any benefit to Iran upsetting the UK.

But if Iran are actually in the right, they are certainly doing the right thing, making lots of public statements, letting the brits officials visit their personnel, publicly suggesting resolution to the problem.

the brits on the other hand are making me very suspcious.

Just to cap it off, If you take a close look at the UK MOD photo, showing the location on the GPS (N 29 50.147, E048 43.544), then use google earth to take a look, it shows an interesting picture.

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Comment by Jerry, on 29-Mar-2007 14:35

Typo: 29 50.174 from the picture of the GPS.

Comment by sbiddle, on 30-Mar-2007 09:14

I still think it's a little whierd that the British have a photo taken by a crewman of a handheld GPS. Is this normal procedure over every boat they search? Why when the boarding party where in inflatable boats do they have a helicopter overhead?

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