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HTC, Microsoft. a depressing discovery. hopefully a positive move for open-source mobility.

, posted: 1-Apr-2007 10:46

Ok, so its been some time since i traversed my favourite stomping ground of XDA-Dev (

for those of you that don't know, xda-dev is effectively the home for hardcore XDA (devices made by HTC) developers, modders, enthusiasts, etc.

and I discover that Microsoft have requested that they remove all the ROM images that contain licensed MS software,

and thats a fair request - but why did it come to this? pure and simple for two reasons, the first is that there were ROM's appearing well before their release dates on the xda ftp.

so Microsoft need to work on internal procedures, - but imho I think is probably likely that they would deliberately leak roms to the group and see what was thought, and see what happens with it, because hey guys there will completely disseminate and be totally impartial in their review of things.

but the big problem apparently was people bricking devices, basically by not knowing what they are doing, then rather than asking and finding and solving the problem with assistance from community members across the internet, instead they then complain to their mobile provider, and ask for support of a non-official rom.

I however had a different situation, I sent an apache away for a repair, which came back from the REPAIR AGENTS running a non-offical rom - this rom had buggy radio software - frustrating to say the least!

Their is good news and bad news,

the good news is - this will accelerate the open source solutions for these devices, which is great.

and much to the opposite of what many of you would expect,

replacing the operating system on your phone doesn't always mean that you will void your warranty.

Vodafone will honor your warranty, ON HARDWARE. please do not be mistaken, if you replace the Operating sysetem with one thats not covered, don't expect to get it covered.

Telecom on the other hand - i don't know what their position is, I would expect though that as per usual they will totally discourage any 3rd party development or community work.

I'd love to hear differently, but my expectation is not great, hell, they won't let me connect my apache up to prepay. they won't tell me why either.

I'm working on getting linux up and running on my apache, and will post my results here when I have some.
and will be sure to include steps to reproduce if  when I am successful.

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Comment by barf, on 1-Apr-2007 13:58

the Intel PXA and Ti OMAP chips inside HTC devices are actually designed to run Linux, all official SDKs include Linux distributions, GCC and etc. Windows Mobile is a dogs breakfast of an OS IMHO.

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