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What Keyboard layout do you use?

, posted: 4-Oct-2007 11:10

I'd love to gather some statistics on what percentage of people use different keyboard layouts,

if you could take 5 seconds to leave a comment here with "qwerty" or "dvorak" or "colemak" (or whatever it is) that would be great,

so if you have a moment, please leave a comment.

thanks in advance.

*****for those of you who didn't comment, I've updated, with this comment :) **************************************

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Comment by timestyles, on 16-Apr-2007 21:28

Dvorak, probably the only one.

Comment by timestyles, on 16-Apr-2007 21:32

Oh btw, I've never met a fellow Dvorak'er, asked on Trademe forums etc. My guess <0.5%

Comment by sbiddle, on 16-Apr-2007 21:45


Loan me a dvorak keyboard to try and I could convert!

Comment by timestyles, on 16-Apr-2007 21:59

You don't need a keyboard, just change the settings with the OS. it helps to have little stickers on the keys for a month or so, then you can type 'blind'. I'd suggest that people change over a holiday period if they are working using computers, as speed drops to about 1wpm at the start.

Comment by juha, on 16-Apr-2007 22:05


Comment by rscole86, on 16-Apr-2007 22:36


Author's note by inane, on 16-Apr-2007 22:50

dvorak here too...

the number of dvorak users seems to be on the increase,

@ my new job there is 100% more dvorak users than at my last job...
(meaning that theres another guy in my office who uses it :)

Comment by cokemaster, on 16-Apr-2007 22:54


Comment by paradoxsm, on 16-Apr-2007 23:24

Both, Qwerty and Dvorak, both on old Model-M IBM "Clickys", I still use qwerty mainly but the slow learn is in place.

You can just change the little plastic keycaps over and change the software setting so this keyboard is utterly perfect! looks like a bought one.

I have to dig up my chordBoard, That was a very nifty device.

Comment by numfarr, on 17-Apr-2007 00:18

qwerty, split "MS Natural" style.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 17-Apr-2007 08:48

oh those ms natural keyboards are anything but (for me!). Im qwerty, and prefer a microsoft standard keyboard, or thos thin flat looking HP/Compaq ones with the silver case / black keys...

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Apr-2007 10:57


Comment by zach, on 17-Apr-2007 11:37


Comment by stevonz, on 17-Apr-2007 12:51


Comment by lokinz, on 17-Apr-2007 20:28


Comment by amuseum, on 19-Jun-2007 14:37

Dvorak. I'm also in the process of making and testing my own optimized layout. you can see the comparisons on my webpage, too.

Comment by kironin, on 3-Oct-2007 23:21


Comment by stevonz, on 4-Oct-2007 11:33


Comment by Tim, on 4-Oct-2007 12:57

QWERTY - split MS natural style

Comment by Jama, on 4-Oct-2007 13:11


Comment by tonyhughes, on 4-Oct-2007 14:17


Comment by Stephen, on 4-Oct-2007 21:28



Comment by cjs6793968, on 5-Oct-2007 10:30

MS natural split qwery for work, slim qwery for home

Comment by Rudolf Harmse, on 6-Feb-2009 03:41

Converting to Colemack.....I feel like a granny typing.

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