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Google rocks. and this is why

, posted: 23-Apr-2007 13:40

numerous times I have seen various posts and commentaries around the web about different map sites and mistakes in the
logic instructing people to drive thousands of Kilometers in order to get to the corner shop from their house.

Google however, are much more creative and their maps driving directions can handle some much more advanced queries quite happily...

go to google maps, click "get driving directions" start point as  New York, end point as Paris...

take a look at step 24.

New York, NY
Change destination
Drive:3,800 mi (about 29 days 7 hours)
Head southeast on Chambers St toward Broadway0.2 mi
1 min
Turn right at Centre St0.1 mi
Slight left at Park Row210 ft
Sharp left at Frankfort St0.3 mi
1 min
Turn left at Pearl St56 ft
Turn right onto the F.D.R. Dr N ramp0.4 mi
1 min
Merge onto FDR Dr N7.7 mi
12 mins
Take exit 17 on the left for Triboro Bridge/Grand Central Pkwy toward I-278/Bruckner Expy0.4 mi
2 mins
Merge onto Triborough Bridge
Partial toll road
0.4 mi
1 min
Merge onto I-278 E via the ramp to I-87 N/Bronx/Upstate N Y/New England0.6 mi
1 min
Take exit 47 to merge onto Bruckner Expy/I-278 E toward New Haven1.9 mi
2 mins
Take the I-278 E exit toward New Haven0.3 mi
Merge onto Bruckner Expy5.0 mi
6 mins
Continue on I-95 N
Partial toll road
Entering Connecticut
62.1 mi
1 hour 12 mins
Take exit 48 on the left to merge onto I-91 N toward Hartford36.8 mi
37 mins
Take exit 29 for US-5 N/CT-15 toward I-84/E Hartford/Boston0.4 mi
Merge onto CT-15 N1.7 mi
2 mins
Merge onto I-84 E
Partial toll road
Entering Massachusetts
40.7 mi
38 mins
Take the exit onto I-90 E/Mass Pike/Massachusetts Turnpike toward N.H.-Maine/Boston
Partial toll road
56.0 mi
56 mins
Take exit 24 A-B-C on the left toward I-93 N/Concord NH/S Station/I-93 S/Quincy0.4 mi
1 min
Merge onto Atlantic Ave0.8 mi
3 mins
Turn right at Central St0.1 mi
Turn right at Long Wharf0.1 mi
Swim across the Atlantic Ocean3,462 mi
29 days 0 hours

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Comment by lokinz, on 23-Apr-2007 23:44

Oh man thats awesome!

Comment by paradoxsm, on 23-Apr-2007 23:47

I tried this on the PDA version (going from auckland to gold coast) and it said no routes found. Though going to great barrier island from mt wellington yeilded "car ferry" and not "swim"

But yes, New yark to paris does indeed work! if a little cold on the way..

And try,175.125565&sspn=0.783656,1.2854&ie=UTF8&z=5&om=1

Nice and secret lol....

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