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Anti-War demonstrations - Anzac day.

, posted: 26-Apr-2007 13:26

Looking around at some of the ANZAC day protests, (i'm not going to give their sites any coverage or linkage, however if you wish to know more details, check out lugh's blog post  here - where he discusses it)

I am absolutely flabberghasted at these uneducated rednecks, protesting at the ceremonies aimed at remembering those fallen.

I have spoken to a few veterans over the years, not heaps but all that I could speak to, and without exception they have been anti-war without neccessity,

the horrors they saw - the atrocities they had to endure, they did so that we could live in peace. that the country of new zealand would not become a get-rich quick asset sale to the highest bidder such as the greatest threat in the pacific at the time planned to do with us.

I see such a range of comments from namby-pamby bleeding heart left wing anti-war, anti - technology, anti-corporate, anti-smacking, anti-government, anti-military, anti-bloody everything, dole blugding, dope smoking, oxygen thieves with comments like "way to go"

and "I love the anti-corporate, anti-war stance you took! good stuff" along with  "stick it to the cops- the charges will never hold"

part of me feels an intense anger at you people, and part of me an intense sadness.

the anger part feels that you should get off your asses, get jobs, get an education and actually learn about the world - the fact is if we hadn't defended ourselves and our allies, things could be much worse.

if the campaign in europe and russia had gone differently - what would have happened if japan had won?  do you think you would have been allowed to even talk about staging a protest?  (no offence to modern japanese, however the tactics that the japanese and german forces had at the time were quite barbaric, and this would no doubt continued)


not that you wouldn't be able to protest, but that the population of new zealand would have been so devastated that very few of us would have ever been born.

aside from that, the message that needs to be carried from ANZAC day - is "LEST WE FORGET"

your protest distracted from the serene, haunting remeberance that occurs in the ceremony.

that is were the sadness comes in, I feel so sorry that you cannot see the greater truths of the day, and that your light hearted shallow mindedness allowed you to act in a way that would be more at home in a communist or facist state.

you impose your views on others, and force it down their throats, without seeing that you are in effect destroying the very message that is communicated across the country without your infantile two bit attempts at protest.

ANZAC day is not a "pro-war" rally. it is a day of remembering those lost, the tragedies, the horrors, and honoring those who made it through the most gruesome hell like experince, of which is entirely beyond yours or my comprehension.

read the ANZAC day prayer again and think on it you single celled close-minded facist bleeding heart fools. and think on it twice.

maybe you will open your eyes and see that there are some things that are sacred, such as the remembering of those lost, and the remembering of the horrors of war, in that we can aim to avoid the mistakes of the past in the future.

They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

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Comment by Grant17, on 26-Apr-2007 14:16

Very well said.

To stage such a protest is a sickening act which shows utter disrespect for our ancestors who laid down their lives that we might live in peace.

I don't recall ever seeing or hearing of such a protest being made on previous Anzac days.  What is going on inside the minds of people like this?

Comment by lugh, on 26-Apr-2007 17:36

Nice one inane! 

I too have huge respect for veterans, especially those from the larger wars, and the one thing that always gets me is their stories.  One of the more striking docos I've seen is "We Stand Alone Together" from the Band of Brothers series (American I know but the stories still apply).  Seeing these guys talk about their experiences and still crying for the horrors they experienced and the comrades they lost over 60 years after the fact always brings a lump to my throat.

Just a quick comment on if Japan had won (again, no offence intended to moden Japanese), it's not a commonly known fact that they killed millions of non-combatants during the Asian Holocaust (a similar death toll to the Holocaust in Europe).  Probably wouldn't have been a nice regime to live under had they won.

Grant - there have been protests before (Vietnam era, etc.) but these mostly died out in the 80's.  Here's the NZ History page on the subject.

Comment by Grant17, on 26-Apr-2007 18:04

Thanks for pointing out that reference to previous protests Lugh.  Here are some extracts:

In 1967 members of the left-wing Progressive Youth Movement in Christchurch laid a wreath protesting against the Vietnam War. They were later convicted of disorderly behaviour, but a pattern was set.

New controversy erupted in 1978 when a women's group laid a wreath in memory of women killed and raped in war. Other lobby groups — feminists, gays, anti-nuclear and peace activists, Maori 'radicals' — laid wreathes at Anzac Day services during the 1980s.

Yes, I remember hearing the name PYM (Progressive Youth Movement) back in the 70s.  The 60s was a bit before my time.

However, all of these protesters merely laid wreaths.  That isn't desecrating anything, merely an act of remembrance for lives lost.

While the laying of the various wreaths no doubt upset some veterans in attendance at the respective Anzac day ceremonies, this sort of pretty much "passive" protest is in a totally different league to burning the very flag that all those veterans fought to defend.

In saying that, a flag is only a piece of material after all, but it's the symbolism that counts.  Burning the flag is equivalent to burning all that those veterans and their comrades held dear when they went overseas to defend our country.

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