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why are we being punished? including F&P move to thailand

, posted: 27-Apr-2007 08:56

why is it as New Zealanders we get punished for having a high dollar?

I am sick of the labour government stealing money and making it harder and harder to get ahead.

the reason that we are stuck where we are is because the NZ government does _NOT_ invest in the future.

Of course manufacturers cannot compete, not with the lower cost, and eventually higher quality asian production houses, NZ is a boutique market, which is better for specialising, innovating and creation than production.

What we need is a government that is prepared to invest in creating Jobs for tomorrow, and not in large government departments or multinational companies,

but a government that is actually prepared to invest in new ideas, new technology, research and development,

and spend serious cash, not just token amounts.

this would also have the effect of slowing the brain drain which is currently seeing much of our skilled workers head overseas, where the job prospects are more interesting, the salaries are better,

and the governments don't mind if you do well for yourself.

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Comment by Bung, on 27-Apr-2007 11:03

What has investment in new ideas, new technology, research and development got to do with the location of a whiteware manufacturing plant?

Comment by Antzzz, on 27-Apr-2007 15:01

I would have thought that the F&P move is the natural consequence of what you are saying - Product Development/Design stays in NZ, which means F&P is doing what it does best - design highly innovative products.

Also head office remains in NZ, which means that the improved profits due to this move still contribute to the NZ economy... Still doesn't help the 350 or so being made redundant but at least they are going out into an economy crying out for more workers.

As for the government improving the state of high tech in NZ - being brave enough to hit Telecom with a big stick I think proves that they are at least starting on that.

What other things should they do - just throwing cash at the problem isn't going to help I think? Tax breaks for R&D - tend be used by the multinationals to reduce their tax bill rather than contributing to innovation. Anyone got any clever ideas?

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