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Gamo PT-80 Pistol.

, posted: 12-Jun-2007 22:10

Non-Combustion based guns are cool.

I recently bit the bullet (albeit not literally) and purchased a Gamo PT-80.

it is seriously a cool target shooter.

it holds a clip with eight rounds of .177 amunition, which can be fired in single - cocked shots or in semi-auto mode.

I was testing it out the other day using flat- rounds, and from a distance of around 25 metres it punched a perfectly circular hole through one side of a Vodka cruiser bottle to the other (bottle was empty)

this is a glass bottle by the way.

I must say I was impressed.

its Gas powered, so no pumping involved, and each gas cartridge has enough power to shoot around 60 to 80 shots at full power according to some reviews (I haven't used it enough yet to comment!)

really nice weight and there are some awesome options on it.

the only problem I have is I'm paranoid that someone will see me with it and call the cops and say I'm using a real gun.

that said, this gun IS NOT A TOY (anymore than a real gun is a toy anyway)

its definitely powerful enough to severly hurt or even kill someone.

but I'd still like it to look slightly less "gunnish"

this is the base model

it feels really comfortable and has a good weight,
there are two further models, the laser and the tactical, these get _seriously_ cool

ok, ok its the same thing but with a laser on the bottom.

but then comes the Uber-daddy of the line, the PT-80 TACTICAL- this thing rocks, dripping with overkill on the accessories...

How awesome is that? and totally overkill on the accessories, but hey, who cares!!!

some more specs.

the velocity the ammo leaves the barrel at is approx 410 feet per second.
thats 124.99 metres per second.

or in a more imaginable terms ~449 Kilometres per hour.
thats seriously fast (yes there are much faster rifles.)

I'll post up some actions shots and a clip of it firing in the next day or two.

(gamo's website is @

More information

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 12-Jun-2007 23:10

A gun... ha ha, nice! This would be nice to wipe out Rats, those horrible vodka cruiser bottles are great targets as they are so incredibly thin.

To stop it looking so "Gunnish"
Just spray paint the nozzle bright fluro yellow, paint the whole gun a really bad plastic-looking purple colour but first tear off what plastic grippy things you can and paint them fluro orange and stick em back on, and stick two of those little gold "Made in China" stickers on in a really noticeable spot

Eve better, have one of those $2 shop guns in you pocket that that goes "wowwowowowowow, Tschh tscchhh tschh tscchhh, peowowowowow, beelee beelee beeleeit. Peeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaoooooowwwwwww....FSCHRVVVVVVVV"

No-one could call the cops then.

like THIS lol

Comment by rscole86, on 12-Jun-2007 23:58

ROFL Thanks for the sound affects there paradoxsm, im not sure we wouldve known what you were on about without them!!!


Comment by stevonz, on 13-Jun-2007 09:20

COOL! Do you need a firearms license in NZ for one of those puppies??

Author's note by inane, on 13-Jun-2007 09:23

No firearms license in NZ to purchase at this point in time,

you do need to be over 18, and provide photo ID, and they make note of the unique serial numbers.

Comment by BK, on 18-Jul-2007 09:18

Why would you want a airgun to look less "gunish" anyway, and are you allowed real semiauto's in nz.

Author's note by inane, on 18-Jul-2007 09:28

Basically because there are a lot of idiots out there and I could do without a concerned neighbour with no knowledge of guns calling the police because I am using my air pistol in the back yard in a safe and responsible manner, but it looks real so they think I have a real one.,

Comment by Robert, on 12-Dec-2007 13:54

I just bought myself a PT-80. I love the look. Only fired 8 slugs through it to make sure it works, and now it's going to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree. I test fired from about 3 metres into a cardboard box full of news paper. The round nose slugs went through 2 layers of cardboard and then about 5 to 10mm newspaper. Does anyone know what "real" pistol the PT-80 is a replica of?

Comment by ben, on 5-Mar-2008 06:13

i went into the shop to buy a desert eagle tha had been winkin at me for the last few weeks but when i saw this one (the only one in the shop that was in its box and not on display) i bought it because 1) i like the weight 2) i like the look 3) it was the cheapest lol. but on the box it says 80 shots per gas bottle. this isnt true it looses alot of power after maybe 30-30

Comment by John, on 29-Jun-2008 10:20

Beretta Cougar 9mm. LAPD cops are issued them instead of .38 Smith & Wesson Revolvers. 9mm autos load twice the number of bullets as revolvers, but the LAPD cops are still outgunned by the bad guys.

Comment by warhemmi, on 10-Sep-2008 08:38

The pt-80, is a copy of the Beretta cougar 8000 line. The cougar, is now produced by Stoeger (owned by Beretta), and is known by the same name, and model number.

Comment by Nick Page, on 30-Oct-2008 10:06

Its a copy of the Beretta Cougar 8000 series

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