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New Zealand needs to adopt nuclear power.

, posted: 16-Jun-2007 12:21

I bored with NZ's "anti-nuclear" and various green panderings.

I think we need to do an about face and become a world leader. for the government trying to destroy the value of the dollar they are only delaying the inevitable, there is no way we can remain a sheeps-back economy and still viably compete in todays world.

the future is filled as a technology and information economy. the direction needs to be switched and invest into the nations future.

If we can do a complete about face and start investing in the long term, investing in research and development, new tech, biotech, pharmaceticals, but most of all the people.

we need to halt the brain drain.

at this point in time, it's not surprising so many of our best minds and those who are the most talented, because they are so much better rewarded overseas.

this leads me to the next point, if we are going to compete on the world stage, we need to compete on the world stage.

I don't understand economic theory, but from what I understand neither do economists.

Then comes the kyoto protocol, and all the bollocks about carbon credits.

If we really want to save on carbon emissions, we should build a Nuclear power plant,

what will we do with the waste? hell lets build large rockets and fire them off into space.

better yet, we could build a large rail-gun that can electromagnetically "throw" the waste off into space.

or at the sun,
but hey we should fire depleted uranium off into space, it might one day arrive at an alien planet about to be destroyed by some unknown threat and the only chance for the inhabitants to escape is flying away in a space rocket powered by depleted uranium.
they'll be eternally in our debt.
aid-package recycling policies ;)

the biggest problem I see is where to put the plant, New Zealand is incredibly volcanically active and therefore there are potential risks for earthquakes etc.

I haven't got an answer to that particular problem yet.

A much better alternative would be to harness the geothermal activity of white island, or something along those lines, but I don't know if that even exists in the realms of possibility.

I know that the costs of nuclear power are not feasible at this point in time, and we should definitely remain nuclear weapons free.

that ends my saturday morning rambling diatribe.

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Comment by lugh, on 16-Jun-2007 13:17

"the future is filled as a technology and information economy. the direction needs to be switched and invest into the nations future.  If we can do a complete about face and start investing in the long term, investing in research and development, new tech, biotech, pharmaceticals, but most of all the people."

That's got to include better funding for tertiary education.  I read yesterday that the government (and that includes the Nats) have gradually cut funding from something like 76% to 42%.  We as students get higher fees as a result in addition to reduced services because the varsities can't afford them anymore.  Govt depts used to hold Finland and Ireland as paragons of a technology and knowledge culture, which we should strive to be like.  Well, those countries have excellent programmes and no university fees - methinks we're not going to catch up any time soon.

Author's note by inane, on 16-Jun-2007 13:58

I totally agree, I am halfway through a big rant about why we should abolish student loans and pay people to go to uni.

but I'm researching it more thoroughly and seeing if I can come up with a suggested better way of doing things rather than just complaining about the current situation.

Comment by Jama, on 16-Jun-2007 15:09

I agree - time for the nuclear debate. Our cousins in Aus hold 40% of the global Uranium deposits. We can't even build wind farms without someone having a whinge. I am starting to think that being green means green with envy.

Comment by TinyTim, on 16-Jun-2007 17:35

As well as the cost issues, a couple of other problems with nuclear power in my view: - we can't even build roads in this country (in a sensible timeframe for a sensible price), how on earth are we going to build something like a nuclear power station? - I can't help but think that making our energy requirements even more dependent on imports is a bad thing. Maybe we need to find our own uranium deposits.

Comment by lurker, on 16-Jun-2007 21:07

I do wish NZ could at least be able to have a reasonable look at nuclear energy rather than having people screaming with their arms flailing in the air at the mere mention of the word.  I don't know if it's actually required but one thing I am certain of is that our energy use is going to keep increasing. Can extra coal based power stations & wind farms keep up with our use? I don't know myself but I sometimes get the feeling that the "greens" are pushing these methods on the belief that we'll all cut back and use less power in the future.

Comment by johnr, on 17-Jun-2007 14:18

Nothing wrong with nuclear power!! bring it on

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