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IPv6 Not Implemented yet?!?!?

, posted: 17-Jun-2007 11:23

in the ongoing saga, the latest response from TCL =

Response (Helpdesk)17/06/2007 10.41 AM
Dear inane,

Thank you for contacting us.

IPv6 has not being implemented as of yet, so using an AAAA record is not yet possible. As far as we are aware, only Asian countries such as China, Japan and Korea have stated to implement IPv6.

Should you need any further assistance, or if this does not solve your query, please let us know.

Kind Regards,
customerservices rep
TelstraClear Customer Help
Customer16/06/2007 11.27 AM
Hi There,

thanks for getting back to me.

So its ok for me to proceed and enter fe80::240:f4ff:fe44:7d48/64 as my AAAA record?



My Response:- Please refer to

More information

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Comment by sbiddle, on 17-Jun-2007 11:44

Stop being mean to the poor CSR and confusing them! 

Comment by David, on 17-Jun-2007 12:39

You should be hassling your hosting provider. Get Geekzone IPv6 accessible!

Comment by barf, on 17-Jun-2007 13:03

the Internet is IPv6 now, when are ISPs going to realise

Author's note by inane, on 17-Jun-2007 14:11

I'm not being mean! I even provided him with the addresses of the nz based IPv6 dns servers, _and_ the whois lookup.

whats wrong with me wanting to adopt IPv6?

the amusing thing is, I'm pretty sure he's now following this topic, as after everytime I get a response, one of the first people who hits this page is from a telstraclear reverse lookup-able ip.

(only ipv4 obviously lol)

Comment by rscole86, on 17-Jun-2007 14:13

Atleast it is ipv4, imagine the fun you would start having if they were looking at this blog from a ipv6 address.

I guarantee they would still deny it :D

Comment by antoniosk, on 17-Jun-2007 20:43

I'm curious why you're trying so hard to get IPv6 out of TelstraClear. If it's so important to what you need to do, why aren't you changing to an ISP that DOES provide it for retail customers?

Or is it perhaps no-one does yet - to consumer customers paying $80 a month for broadband.....

Author's note by inane, on 17-Jun-2007 20:54

firstly, I pay a considerable amount more than $80 per month to tcl, not all of it as a general public consumer.

secondly, because I'd like to be an early adopter and have my machines up and ipv6 compatible asap.

thirdly, because I know telstra have been getting ready for ipv6 for so long that it seems crazy that they'd have no support whatsoever.

and fourth, because there are some massive big, virtually empty ipv6 pipes that I'd like to start making use of before they all get choked up :)

but also because companies are driven by consumer demand along with neccessity, if we all start demanding ipv6 connectivity to the home, they are more likely to start looking at it.

Comment by Bwooce, on 18-Jun-2007 13:27

TelstraClear have an 6to4 anycast tunnel I believe (last time I tried - try traceroute to So you can use IPv6 after a fashion despite all the intermediate hops being IPv4:

I forget where I found out about that, I can't find any google reference to it.

Native IPv6 would be nice but there are issues from the OS through the CPE up. Still I applaud your demand since without it we'll be stuck in the no perceived need/no reason loop for until v4 runs out.

Author's note by inane, on 18-Jun-2007 14:24

well my OS is pretty much fully IPv6 compatible...

what issues are you referring to there bwooce?

Comment by Andrew Ruthven, on 28-Jun-2007 10:49

Ummm, of course sticking a link local address into the DNS as a AAAA record is a pretty silly idea...

Author's note by inane, on 28-Jun-2007 11:59

Yay! someone finally gets the joke!

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