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The "Internet" a tool for Great good... or Evil...

, posted: 19-Jun-2007 13:34

Following on from my earlier post where I was congratulating the police involved in the bust, it lead me to thinking what an incredibly diverse and powerful thing the internet is.

it is in many sense akin to many "magic items" in many fantasy stories, or the unimaginally powerful alien artifact from many a sci-fi tale.

with this tool at your hands it is possible to do great good for the benefit of mankind, but alas, it also has the power to do great evil.

I know that many good things and bad things existed before the internet, and since the internet, but the scale that things can occurr seems, in my humble opinion, to be orders of magnitudes larger than offline.

So while there are many evils that the internet can do, I'd like to compile a list of the incredibly good things that the internet has achieved or is trying to achieve.

* Folding @ Home.
Folding at home is one of many laudable initiatives, in particular they are using distributed computing to fold proteins with the goal of finding cures / fixes to a number of disorders and diseases.
* Worldwide collaboration and sharing of Information.
never before in history has it been so easy to collaborate, share, discuss, argue or insult people from around the globe, this is mostly a good thing... I think?

* Keeping in touch
this is always talked about, but its true, the internet has made it very easy to keep in touch and get back in touch with friends and family.

* Information
The internet has made planning outings holidays and trips easier than ever,
you have online mapping sites showing you all the routes you can take from A to B, and then information about possible C, D, and E's along the way or nearby if you so wish,
you can find out what movies are on and when the are on,

* Entertainment
Movies on demand, Online Gaming, collaborative development projects, irc, instant messaging, etc. etc.
there is so much that you can do to entertain yourself on the internet.

And the list goes on for the smallish (yet big impact) good things the internet has achieved,
What I'm trying to nail down is the really big things the internet has done for humanity,

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