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Nintendo WII overtakes Playstation 3, It shouldn't suprise you, or me...

, posted: 26-Jun-2007 12:21

First of all you have my humble apologies for that terrible piece of poetry,

The big news is that Nintendo have overtaken Sony in market share - something that I not-so-humbly predicted quite some time ago.

and now Sony are hoping to regain market share by marketing the PS3 as a home-entertainment "hub"

yes, this will surely increase sales somewhat there Sony, but you are missing the core business model - "Fun"

Nintendo have always been pretty good at the business model, because games is what they do. they started treating the game developers like crap and made things hard for the resellers, this gave Sony the gap to enter the market with the Playstation.

after the two of them (debatable, and hey I liked the dreamcast a lot too ok?) killed off Sega they fought each other, with Sony reducing Nintendo's market share.
(I'm also ignoring the Japanese markets and behaviors, because I have very little idea of how they work, but that could be said of most westerners )

However, Sony got cocky.
the Nintendo Wii and the Xbox360 got the hop on them.
I'm not discussing the Xbox because its a kind-of different market, and would over-complicate the points I'm making.

There is a couple of very basic, and very straight forward reasons why the Wii has beaten the snot out of Ps3, and its got nothing to do with hardware or extra functionality.

it comes down to the core values.

* Cost:
Nintendo WII + Wii Sports = $499NZD from EB Games. (you get some free games!)

Sony Ps3 + no extras at all = $1199 from EB Games. (Your ps2 games might work)

* The Look
Just looking at that, Mummy and Daddy consumer going out to purchase a new games console for little jane and little johnny are going to like the sound of five hundred alot more than
one thousand two hundred.

secondly, I think the guys designing the pieces of hardware went for very different looks,

the Nintendo WII is fluffy and warm and all white and looks like an Anime character or a cat with big Eyes, something you would be happy to let your kids play with.

The Sony playstation on the otherhand looks like a cross between a A darlek, Hal9000's eye, something you want to take very seriously at all times.

* The feel

I guess this is the whole differences between the world, (token car analogy here)
The sony ps3 is a big hulking hummer with guns mounted to it that wants a battalion of men to jump in and do manly things like fight big scary monsters,

the Nintendo WII is a cute little convertible that looks a bit wussy if your a large bloke and you are driving by yourself, but chicks think its cute and its a hoot to drive it around the corner to the shop, handles like its on rails, and its great to have a few friends come for a drive in it, but definitely not a serious car.

In the end I think I can sum it up with the following pictures, these provoke the same sort of feelings I get from the marketing of the two consoles.


ps3 + =

so thats my thoughts, at the end of the day Sony is trying to get all serious and hardcore, it wants you to settle down buy a house and make a commitment,

the Nintendo WII just wants to flirt, have some fun, involve your friends and just muck about.

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Comment by tstone, on 27-Jun-2007 11:26

Hi, you hit the nail on the head with the statement : "the Nintendo WII just wants to flirt". Which is why you can't compare the two devices and makes any comparison pointless. If I want to drive fast in a sporty manner I would buy a Ferrari (if I had the money!). If I was content to only drive from A to B I would buy a Toyota. The two cars would do the same thing but only one is serious.

Different horses for different courses, but you don't put both of the cars on a test track against each other...pointless!

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