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TOP 500 supercomputer list released.

, posted: 28-Jun-2007 12:03

  1. The 29th TOP500 list has been released, this has been released during the International Supercomputing conference, currently being held in dresden germany.

the results aren't that surprising,

For the fourth time in a row IBM's Bluegene/L has take the top spot with  a Linpack performance of 280.6 TFlop/s
there were only two other systems that managed the same degree of magnitude in terms of TFlops/s, and then only just.

the Cray XT4/XT3 and the Cray red storm, with 101.7 TFlop/s and 101.4 TFlop/s respectively.

the top ten in brief are:

  1. IBM BlueGene/L
  2. Jaguar - Cray XT4/XT3
  3. Red Storm - Sandia/ Cray Red storm (based on 2.4ghz opterons!)
  4. BGW (another ibm)
  5. e Server IBM solution
  6. ASC Purple (yup IBM)
  7. e Server IBM Solution
  8. Abe - Dell
  9. MareNostrum - ibm
  10. HLRB-ii - Altx 4700 - sgi

The first and only  entry for a super computer based in humble ol' New Zealand is at spot 99, the University of Canterbury have a Blue Fern - eServer Blue Gene solution from IBM.

If you want to read up more, take a look here:

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