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what is life?

, posted: 4-Jul-2007 00:09

seriously, what is life?

is life merely an illusion that provides us with a perspective as to why everything doesn't happen all at once?

is life merely the motions we go through for a selective process of cross matching genes.

is it a combination of hormonal impulses driving us towards procreation?

looking at the universe and the way it has been formed, why would it want us? if the universe is infinite (as per a number of theories)
we exist purely because we have to, in an infinite universe, everything that is plausible / probable becomes fact.

but looking at a number of other theories, the reverse is true.

the universe is finite, therefore we do not need to exist,  in perfect harmony we are but bacterial lifeforms destroying an otherwise perfect creation.

at the same time if we take a religious view, well hell. I have my beliefs, and I do not have the whole picture. no body does.

but what difference does it make if any of us exists, or doesn't?

if the world has been around for ten thousand years, or if it's 6 billion years old.

if there is no intelligent life in the universe, or if there isn't.

what does it matter?

seriously, what is the point in anything? what is life but a lurching stumble from pleasant experience to pleasant experience?

I have a religious belief, however most of them profess that I should spend my life A) fearing death (muslim, christian and jewish - with some exceptions - don't go flaming me here)

whereas others profess I should go pursuing enlightenment, we'll (warning parental advisory on the lyrics) sheeit I'm gonna come back a snail.

if you consider the human race as a whole, how many people have died while you read this? how many have been born?
how many do you care about?

in another 100 years time, how scary or real will hitler be? he won't be.

the fact is, he won't!

I am not trying to diminish the hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives lost, hell I probably feel the loss more keenly than many of you who read this,

however, in geological, universal, evolutionary, and hell, in biblical timescales, he will pale to nothing, hell look at all those morning to the people killed by gengis khan? hell he had approximately half the worlds population under his yoke, but we have no rememberance for them.

at the same time, I abhor these acts of violence, it disgusts me that people who belong to a related gene pool as me have existed,

but at the same time you can compare the entire human existance to a fabulous incredibly complex program, or more simplistically an algorithm.

look at it from the greater point of view, if something is a terminal flaw, and unrecoverable error, then it causes a failure,

lets take a christian - esque standpoint,

so far this self correcting algorithm is bloody marvelous and has not hit a single terminal memory issue yet.

at the same time (this agrees with a number of other religious beliefs, I'll wait for the flames before addressing them, - pretty much because christianity is the only religion that is so full of apathy that they won't argue, any others with  some flame will).

so go forth, prosper, self correct and be steadfast as your operation as a bit.

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Comment by cyberhub, on 5-Jul-2007 14:59

Wow inane,
You bring up many big life questions that many people don't consider, I have found people ask these sort of big questions after a loved one dies or something big in their life happens to make them question things. It looks like you did it late at night as well.

You made a comment that may need some correcting.

"I have a religious belief, however most of them profess that I should spend my life A) fearing death (muslim, christian and jewish - with some exceptions - don't go flaming me here)"

I am a Christian, so can't speak for the Muslim or Jew, but as a Christian I have no fear of death at all. About four years ago I asked some of the big questions like yourself and came to the conclusion that I was a pretty good guy. Then I asked myself what is the definition of good, the best thing I could think of was the 10 Commandments.

I realised that I had told lies, I had stolen, I had used Gods name in vain. I then realised that I was not that good, and that if I died right then and there I would have to give account of my life to God (The creator of creation that you referred to) and I was not going to come up looking very good at all, and that my destination was not going to be heaven.

At that moment I realised that I needed a saviour, in my lounge room by myself I became a follower of Jesus Christ. I got a bible and read it and found it was filled with scientific facts and truth and it answered alot of the questions I had.

I then realised that I had a purpose and a meaning.

Not sure if this helps at all but check this out, it may explain things better than I can.

Good luck in your search to answer your questions.

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