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Apple iPhone, why I definitely wont get one.

, posted: 6-Jul-2007 12:46

Ok, so the Apple iPhone seems to have a definite love / hate across the internet at the moment,

unfortunately for Apple, what I mean by that is its a "love to hate" or just plain "hate".

theres all sorts of reasons for this,  and there are many many blogs and web reviews as to whats wrong with it.

mine reasons are much simpler.

its a "smart phone" but you can't replace the battery.

I'm sorry, whaaat? thats right, you can't replace the battery.

HTC had definitely the right Idea when they released the Apache, they gave you a spare battery from the outset.

even though its battery life was infinitely better than the Harrier, they knew that if you used the device alot you would run low on battery, and this way you could carry a fully charged spare just in case.

I don't mind if a manufacturer is honest, and admits you could run a little low on battery from time to time.

but soldering the thing in there? what the hell guys?

this is another bit of what seems to me apples ideal situation, a world where the consumer knows nothing about how things work on the inside, a world where the consumer will take whatever they are given and then live with it cause its cute and girls like it.

(no offence to those of the finer half of the human species, its just that most mp3 players were chunky and big, just like pc's its well researched that one of the big reasons apple managed to grab more market dominance was in a large part that they went after the female consumer market in a huge way in all sorts of ways.)

anyway thats enough of my rant,

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Comment by antoniosk, on 6-Jul-2007 16:01

Actually, Telecom made the decision to include the second battery in the box because of the negative feedback from Harrier users about battery life.

Author's note by inane, on 7-Jul-2007 11:01

well there you go, good on telecom (for once)

it was still a very sensible decision.

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