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Transformers Movie... Their war.... our world! (No - Spoilers)

, posted: 9-Jul-2007 10:09

OMFG! this movie is the best movie ever.

Super intelligent robots with big guns that drive fast and hack computers.

how can you get any cooler than that?

this movie absolutely rocks, they did a fantastic job of it.

I want to say more but don't wish to ruin it for anyone.

trust me. if you like transformers. see this movie.

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Comment by Ross Colebrooke, on 9-Jul-2007 12:32

I have to agree totally!!!

Best bloody movie I have seen in a very long time!!!

Even the GF loved it! (Hopefully not more than me)

Comment by lugh, on 9-Jul-2007 12:37

I reckon it was pretty good too. I did think the schmaltzy American tweeness that is starting to prevail in these movies did let the side down a bit - at one point I caught myself thinking "OMG, Armaggedon with robots!" (yes I have been abused for this opinion). I agree you can't have a giant robot sci-fi movie without some cheese but there has to be a limit.

I get the feeling that the Brits would have done it better but that's my personal opinion.

Comment by centaurianz, on 9-Jul-2007 17:53

People (like me) who like Transformers saw the movie on Thursday, 28th!

"Can it get any cooler?" Heck, yes!

I'd can't wait to see what characters they bring in for the sequel; maybe we'll see Megatron or Starscream create a Decepticon gestalt - like Devastator.

Triple-changer Transformers like Springer and Blitzwing would be really awesome too!

Comment by haze23, on 9-Jul-2007 18:51

I'm glad theres no spoiling of the movie in here as i cant wait to see it! The comments on here have just got me more pumped to go

Comment by Aloha, on 10-Jul-2007 10:39

I am not a big fan of Transformers, however I went to the cinema on the 28th to see it.
Luckily it happened in a small town called Dubbo, 400 km West from Sydney so I think there were no more then 6-10 people in the cinema.
For me it was like: wow!
If I disregard the patriotic side of this movie, what every big Hollywood production have nowadays (Yes! We're Americans and we win!) I can tell it's a pretty good movie.

I still remember around 1990 I received a very nice toy for Xmas: it was a model of the F14 Tomcat fighter jet and it transformed into a robot! It was my best toy ever!

Some interesting facts for the fans:
- The rendering one frame of the CGI robots took 38 hours, which is the actual record in the movie industry. The previous recorder was Lord Of The Rings where the rendering of one frame took 20 hours.

-Optimus' voice is the same Peter Cullen who gave his voice for the original cartoon version of Transformers. He is the voice of Optimus Prime for 20 years now.

-On the side of Barricade (the police car) instead of To protect and serve, you will see: To punish and enslave.

-Optimus Prime is transforming into a Peterbuilt 379. truck. Spielberg used a Peterbuilt 281 in his famous movie called The Duell.

-When Sam's got his car (Bumblebee) at the car dealer, you can see an old yellow VW Beetle, which is the shape of Bumblebee in the original cartoon series. The creators changed it to be more "American" (and of course because GM pumped a lot of money into the movie)

-The slogen of the movie "Our World. Their war." originally was created for the movie Alien vs. Predator, but they changed that in the last minute to "Whoever wins, we loose."

Comment by KJ, on 10-Jul-2007 20:50

During school holidays, I can recommend a Sunday morning to watch it in a nearly empty theatre (all the annoying kids have seen it during the week)

As a chick I can say the movie rocked, but I'm not sure how much true chick cred I have being a tomboy :S

But I did love the fact that the girl, wasn't just a token pretty face - she actually had her fair share of balls

I wanna bumblebee.......

Comment by VanAlstine, on 11-Jul-2007 17:26

I was never into the Transformers as a toy or cartoon, but I totally agree with the others: It is definitely the best movie I've seen in a long time! Let's hope the sequel doesn't disappoint!

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