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A Beautiful Sunny Morning.

, posted: 8-Jul-2007 10:39

Its a beautiful sunny sunday morning here in wellington, its a gorgeous day.

if you are reading this, and its still sunday morning.

stop. get out there and make some memories :)

For those of you married/de facto/living with your partner without kids,

Go make your wife breakfast / lunch and a coffee. take her out for a bush walk,

For those of you married married/de facto/living with your partner with kids,

Go get your kids, get them to help make your significant other breakfast / lunch and a coffee,
get the kids to draw them a picture.

take the kids to the zoo, or out for a bush walk.

for those of you living by yourself, get out of the house. go visit your mum or dad, maybe a sister or brother or an aunt or uncle.

by them lunch.

or if you can't (or don't want) to do that. call someone significant in your life, let them know you care.
go fishing,
or go for a walk.
get out and do something you mean to do but never get around to.

for those of you living with yourself and your child(ren) with you today,
do those special things with them that only a custodial parent does that lets the child know they love them with all their heart.

for those of you with custody, but with a brief reprieve for the day perhaps the kid(s) are with the other parent, or your parents or being looked after by a friend,

get out there and treat yourself. yes have that icecream. yes with nuts and yes with cream (nuts optional - if you are allergic and you choose to eat nuts based on what I have said then you are what you eat!)

If you are working away from you family, give them a call, tell them how much you love them.

If your partner is working away from you and the kids, give them a call, nothing melts someone as much as answering the phone and hearing their kid go "hello... daddy?" brings a tear to the eye thinking of it.

there is a beautiful day outside (seriously in wellington, but metaphorically elsewhere if the weather is not so good).
get outside. spend some time with those you most care about.

Again I say, why are you still reading this? get out there and make some memories!

take lots of photos, of everything, smile. be patience, get the extra icecream, buy the lollies, indulge your loved ones.

let them know you are there and you care.

I declare, this to be msm day. make some memories. go on.

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Comment by ZollyMonsta, on 8-Jul-2007 14:03

I must say, however, yesterday was abismal!
Especially as my partner and I arrived back from Fiji after being there for a week. Bit of a shock to the system going from 28c with blue skies to 6c and rain! No memories for me today, about to crawl under the house to feed wires under the house. :) Plenty of memories from Fiji though! :D

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