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NZ shopping hours - in particular computer retailers.

, posted: 14-Jul-2007 13:34

I lived overseas for  more or less a decade, on returning to new zealand, I could not believe a majority of retail trading hours.

The first time it really hit home was late on a tuesday night when I decided to pop out and get a burger from McDonalds,

-none- and I mean -none- of them were even open!

now I know that there is a couple within wellington that are open - but I don't really eat McD's anymore.

The biggest issue I have is with the lack of decent computer retailers that are open on a saturday.

I know these days most people are either buying pre-built systems from large chain retailers such as Dick Smith, Harvey Norman or The Warehouse / Warehouse Stationary  or they are ordering their parts from various on-line pc stores,

and the online trading is where a majority of where the cash is.

but what about the emergency and impulse purchases? what about the good geeky discussions?

I understand there are a lot of costs involved in operating a retail store but seriously! most of the retail stores are open 9 to 5 monday to friday.

whats the issue here? hangon, what hours do most people work?

Heres an example,

My main PC at home has been on its last legs for a while, but to be fair its earned its keep.

its died now. at least I can't be bothered fixing it again, as its been on the fritz for a while.

So I thought to myself, hrmm I should really get something that will do the job while i save the cash for a decent system.

My current plans are to save for a system and then when i hit $5k specifically saving for the PC go out and get myself something really nice.

the $5k will be for the box only part of the system, does not inculde anything but the box.

But guess what. nothing seems to be open.

I was hoping to pick up a new mobo and case, possibly video card. but: looking at Yellowpages:

When I search for "computer shops" or "computer retail" or "computer supplies" or "computer hardware" in wellington I get
plenty of results,
(please ignore the box in the middle of the screen I don't know how the screen shot util managed to be that fast)

So I opened up the search, purely "COMPUTER" in "WELLINGTON" I get:
lots of results

(the top result is a computer forensic service... not _quite_ what I need but almost! lol)

The only one that looks like they may be able to help is the 4th result down that asks you to call for opening hours...

they are located quite close to me too... hrmm its about my only possibility... what says you MF?****

however as soon as I add the filter of "open now" i get  the following message

no results


Someone please correctly and tell me this isn't true? please tell me that there is somewhere in wellington I can walk into today and purchase a CPU, Motherboard and Nvidia graphics card!!

I hate the fact that I have to pay such exorbitant prices with someone like dick smith or I have to wait until monday.

seriously. wtf. that sucks.

If you are a computer hardware seller in wellington and you can do something for me today, please let me know.

I'll even link you from here :)

*****for those of you who didn't get the joke, look at the very very bottom of this page.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 14-Jul-2007 14:33

PB Tech are open Saturdays on Vivian St (opposite DSE) and Atech on Wakefiend St are open Saturdays as well.

Author's note by inane, on 14-Jul-2007 14:39

awesome! off I go.

Comment by Gremlin, on 14-Jul-2007 14:56

Quay computers is/was too but they close fairly early around 1-2pm from memory.

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