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Favourite and Most Hated programming language...

, posted: 15-Jul-2007 12:06

I wondered, what are the most commonly favourite programming languages?

this isn't necessarily the one that you use at work or the one that earns the most money, just the one that is your favorite to code in.


visual basic
turbo pascal

so try posting what your favorite is, and why its your favourite,

followed by what your least favorite is and why...

I started thinking about it, and to be honest I'm struggling to decide.

I do enjoy pl/sql / t sql, I think its the aspect of the sheer control of data, Turbo pascal I always enjoyed back in the day due to the nostalgic aspects..

I've started learn Scheme lately tho and its quick becoming a favourite.

least favourite would be vb6, yeah it was popular but it was a real pig of a language... or perhaps it was just some of the projects I was involved in ;)

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Comment by barf, on 15-Jul-2007 14:14

Python is my favourite, nice and forgiving of syntax errors, very verbose error reporting and the amount of libraries and modules is staggering.
Mono/.NET is great also
PHP for web stuff

Comment by haze23, on 15-Jul-2007 15:37

this topic goes over my head for now lol
more things to learn along the way with learning about this new world im entering of pcs

Comment by taniwha, on 15-Jul-2007 15:42

like all these:

ruby (no rails thanks)







plpgsql (handy!)



j2me (hate the java language, like what i can do with embedded vm)

old skoole basic (GOSUB ftw, i'm so 1337)

VisC++ (embedded, palm/pocketpc)


don't like:

java for websites.



VBscript (asp etc)

php3 (what were they thinking?)

Comment by paradoxsm, on 15-Jul-2007 23:48

Favourites would be basic in the early days, c in the middle ages and ajax, python, and asm now. I still occasionally use basic for pic axe's as it's just so simple to get working.

Wort, visual basic. Horrible, so bad i poke fun and avoid anything coded using it.

Comment by lugh, on 16-Jul-2007 10:35

Bearing in mind I've only used these in the course of my degree (pun unintended), I liked Java the most and look forward to playing with C#. Most hated has to be Haskell!!!

(what's Haskell I hear you say)

Comment by redroman23, on 16-Jul-2007 10:45


Author's note by inane, on 16-Jul-2007 17:26

Apologies. my mistake.

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