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HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray, The War Heats Up.

, posted: 31-Jul-2007 08:30

Japanese adult film makers have announced the decision to move forward producing their adult content on Blu-Ray discs,

This is a great plus for Sony, who's format was suffering due to the American adult filum industry deciding to move forward with HD-DVD,

The battle between the two formats is looking less like the battle between Betamax and VHS every day - one of the main reasons betamax lost out was due to the decision (according to many places ) of the decision of the Adult film industry to use VHS.

the other interesting take is that Sony refuses to be associated with, or allowing any of its manufacturing subsidaries to press or copy adult films - and none of the companies in Japan are allowed to do so either,

so the japanese industry has contracted several firms in Taiwan to secure all the neccessary equipment from Sony.

The other interesting thing to note is who was behind Betamax, thats right, Sony.

Even though the American industry is currently favouring the HD-DVD format, this is only due to the reduced cost of manufacturing, as with any large media / entertainment industry, whatever becomes the most popular will likely win.

I for one would rather see a group standard win out vs. a singular entity, Sony have proven themselves to be the epitome of the Evil Capitalist Corporation time and time again, much worse than Microsoft has ever been - at least in blatant terms,

I want to see HD-DVD win out because whilst Microsoft is always quoted as being a Consortium member, you shouldn't forget that it is actually headed by the Founders: Toshiba and Hitachi
other members inculde HP, Intel and Microsoft,
Blu-ray is headed by the founders Sony and Philips and has members such as Apple, Walt Disney and Matsushita.

The lists of the Members and creators of both technologies are miles long and cross over frequently, it is of no surprise that many companies are keeping eggs in both baskets - so-to-speak,

especially as noone knows what format will win, if any,

Hell, tomorrow it wouldn't surprise me if Someone like IBM came out with a 1/2 TB capacity easily manufactured format came out, or perhaps a small start up that uses some form of recycled easily obtainable materials and blows both HDDVD and Blu-Ray into relative obscurity...provided it wasn't brought out and quashed in the early stages, like so many other great formats.

back to the main points:

Technical Aspects

  • Wavelength: - Both use 405nm wavelength blue-violet laser.
  • Tracks: the Blu-ray has a tighter track pitch, spiraling inside out like a vinyl disc.
  • Pickup Apeture: Blu-ray - 0.85, HD-DVD- 0.65
  • Surface Layer Thickness: Blu-Ray= 0.1mm, HDDVD=0.6 (Blu-ray = one scratch, all broken,. hd-dvd should be more fault tolerant)
  • Manufacturing costs: due to the surface thickness Blu-ray need to make completely new production facilities where HDDVD can use some of the same manufacturing as the surface layer is the same thickness as regular DVD's.

The More Important Technical Aspects / Specs


Rom- Single Layer: ~23 GB
Rom - Dual Layer: ~46GB

Highest Testpoint: ~100GB
Theoretical Max: ~200GB

Copy Protection: AACS, ICT, BD+, BD-ROM Mark.
Circumvention: ? I'm not sure...

Rom- Single Layer: ~15 GB

Rom - Dual Layer: ~30GB

Highest Testpoint: ~45GB

Theoretical Max: ~60GB

Copy Protection: AACS, ICT
Cirumvention: 09 f9 11 02 9d 74 e3 5b d8 41 56 c5 63 56 88 c0

In Summary

While it will still be quite some time before the Format war is decided - My chosen side is that of HD-DVD,
My main reasons are Bias, against such evil corporate pirates such as

  • Apple - hell these guys are incredibly evil. they released a mobile phone that you aren't even allowed to change the battery on
  • Sony: EVIL, total Evil, Root Kits, Playstation, Just say no kids.
Where as the HD-DVD is headed up by Toshiba and Hitachi - HARDWARE people, HARDWARE. while these guys do have involvement in many areas, at least they have a core business of hardware. HP, INTEL and MS are also in there. think what you like but while these guys have many bad points, Intel, HP and Microsoft did massive things for the coming and continuation of the PC age.

AND HD-DVD is likely to be cheaper, AND less format Locked, and they are less likly to have company sponsored malware.

aside from anything else the HD-DVD is more physically robust than the Blu-Ray - yes the HD is only as robust as current DVD's but at least you can fix it, vs Blu- ray which will scratch if you look at it.

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Comment by sbiddle, on 31-Jul-2007 08:59

It's just a shame that the bigots involved couldn't decide on a single standard. Past history dictates that one format will eventually win and I'm personally in the HD-DVD camp.

Comment by Ben, on 31-Jul-2007 09:12

Capitalist Sony vs Microsoft. screw you man your a retard and most likely a bisast one at that Microsoft is the most Capitalistic company know to man. it has been proven time ans time again that microsoft forces there standards through industry like a facist bull dog. your just another baught tool and I sick one at that.

Author's note by inane, on 31-Jul-2007 10:37

Hey ben,

Thanks for your thoughtful appropriate comments.
I'm also glad that you punctuated correctly also.

A) I did mention I am biased against Sony.
B) I hardly consider myself a bought tool. Once upon a time I was a fanatical Microsoft Evangelist and I preached their code.
I am that no longer. I am a full Linux convert and there is no love lost in my opinion of Microsoft, and many of their non-standard compliance applications cause me no end of headaches, however,

Compared to Sony, Microsoft have done a lot more good than evil in comparison to Sony.

I'm guessing you are an Apple Fanboy in disguise.

Comment by deadeyedaryl, on 31-Jul-2007 12:18

I never knew that about the blue ray disk proection only 0.1mm . I don't mind who wins atm i am in the hd dvd camp and would like them to win but if it comes to it i will use a ps3 as a blue ray player when we eventually get one in about a years time. Inane, linux rules lol.

Comment by barf, on 31-Jul-2007 14:20

the "Sony" that rootkitted PCs was Sony Music BMG (scumbags) the Sony developing blu-ray is the 'real' Japanese Sony, you should not confuse the two.

Author's note by inane, on 31-Jul-2007 14:31

Yes.... but unless you can tell me that the two companies are totally unrelated then I still blame the sony that developed blu-ray.

because lets face it,

The sony that developed blu-ray didn't turn around when the rootkit fiasco appeared and make a statement that "they were shocked and appalled" or even any statement indicating that they disagreed with their subsidaries actions at all,

therefore they are evil,

its like having a parent whose child goes out and tortures and kills hundreds of people and having the parent turn around and say "so"

Comment by James Stringer, on 31-Jul-2007 15:12

Can I ask...When was the last time you bought a replacement battery for you phone?! I never have...And I think thats really just a point used by people who can't think of anything else...Most people don't keep a phone long enough for it to need to be replace anyway...So whats the deal.

I'm pretty sure that I have read that the Blu-Ray disk has a extremely protective coating anyway, so Disk Scratch issues should not be a problem.

Sony just as much, or more so of a hardware company than Toshiba, Yes Sony also Makes alot of money selling Media...Good for them, but thats a different department...Sony's a Big company.

The root kit stuff didn't effect us anyway right? So why do we care...

And Whats this about Blu-Ray suffering because of its decision not to let Sony and Disney owned printers print porn on Blu-Ray Disks...Blu-Ray never suffered because of that, thats just more Bull.

Blu-Ray outsells HD-DVD in pretty much every country right?!

HD-DVD is a nice format(I have used it) but this was blaitant fanboism, you tried to give a Non-Biased take, but then you mention Betamax...How is that relivant at all, Saying that Blu-Ray is just Sonys format which it will use to be evil with?! And Internet is now a leading delivery form for Porn now...(As it seems you know all to well)

I look forward to Sony Getting its stuff together and winning, they have had it hard lately(their fault as well as Media) but I think they are ready to lead again.

Soon as they stop screwing over Europe...Microsoft has been rather nice to us lately with the HD-DVD drive costing the same amount in NZ (with currency conversion) as it does in the US, And I think we will get a Price drop on the 360 soon, to about ~600ish, which would be nice. Sony needs to convince Europe that it wants to be competitive, there is No way it costs that much money (1200NZD PS3 - 750USD to NZD PS3(currency exchange))to modify it to PAL and Ship it to NZ, They just Don't care and think they can get away with Screwing us, So until there is a price drop, No PS3 for me :-( (Yes well aware of the "Starter pack" that comes out tomorrow/the next day) but It still costs 1200... spelling, Grammar, Pricing may be a little off, but its close :-P

Comment by Gigs, on 31-Jul-2007 16:24

Why not just write the article as:

"I do not like sony in any way shape or form, thus the format war has been decided and it is obviously HDDVD."

To say it's suffering though is a little misleading, the porn industry itself is still divided about going HD at all, so besides having picked hddvd initially, the industry as a whole isn't completely behind high def in any way. Does this detract from bluray, quite possibly, however time will tell. Also note here Vivid are looking at both formats, to say the industry as a whole is backing one is also a little grey.

ALL corps are the same, be it Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Enron, BP, Shell, Telecom, Telstra, Vodafone, etc. They all have the same goals, to be "it" in their segments, to rule by clear authority and to make buckets of cash. If you think the backers of HD have any purer motives than Sony for pushing their format, then this is the sort of thing I would expect to read in the herald. :P

On the scratching issue, if you're talking the metallic material the information is burned onto, then I haven't found any disc yet thats really durable to dmg of this part. If the other, tray facing side, then most players are great about your average scuffing and scratches here.

When you look at major US chains, I've only heard about them going Bluray, Target and Blockbuster amongst the first notables. Heh Woolworths in the UK as well which apparently have pretty high DVD sales. (Though it seems funny saying that)

To be honest the "format wars" are becoming tiresome, but you also left out the biggest threat to BOTH formats, and thats the emergence of online media availability overseas - which has the potential to be a threat to both camps.

Not that it matters in this case, but there's also dual format players you can get, why pick a side when you can have both. ;)

WOW at just blaming Sony as one big large entity though inane.. That's ignorance, I'm sorry. Most of their groups of companies run under the umbrella of the Sony name but a lot of decisions are independent of the other segments.

Do you think Microsoft Gaming would have released a statement "oh we're appalled that operating systems is trying to tie you into IE! We're shocked and don't condone the operations of our sister company" or some such?

Author's note by inane, on 31-Jul-2007 17:29


You've made some great points there,

The reason I haven't written the article that way is that I was presenting some new information on the format wars (such as the japanese industry picking blu-ray)

trying to present the factual parts - without anyone mistakenly thinking I am not bias,

I am, I stated as much :)

I'm worried if I seem overtly "the format war is over, HD-DVD wins"
whilst the minute that happens, I'll be enthuisatically posting just that,
I wasn't trying to say anything of the sort yet,

Although I think that blu-ray was suffering, I don't know though :)

Yes the Porn industry certainly is still divided, however microsoft and many of the other hd-dvd allies are open about the fact they are doing their best to encourage more agreement within this industry specifically.

I did mention the following:
"Even though the American industry is currently favouring the HD-DVD format, this is only due to the reduced cost of manufacturing, as with any large media / entertainment industry, whatever becomes the most popular will likely win."

looking at it now though, I should really have said at the end,

...the most popular will likely win the wallets of the American porn Industry"

the Format Wars certainly are becoming tiresome, I did mention that "something" could come out of the woodwork, I would be keen to hear about what sort of media you are referring to.

My slant on the formats from a genuine standpoint is that whatever one is going to come out on top, I wish it would happen already.

You said "ALL corps are the same, be it Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Nintendo, Enron, BP, Shell, Telecom, Telstra, Vodafone, etc. "

I say:
Not at all.
Every company is out to make Money, thats why you have companies, I applaud them trying to make money
As for more Pure Motives for Pushing one format over the other,
I'm certain that the Motives are bang on identical.

There is a mean evil quotient applicable to Corporations, lets call it EQ.
the Average EQ is your run of the mill profiteering corporation with 500+ employees, Higher EQ more evilness, lower EQ, less evilness,
I'll explain this in much greater detail soon.

To put it simply, Sony have a much Higher EQ than Toshiba,
higher in fact than Toshiba and Hitachi combined.

so based on Sony having such a high EQ, Especially after trying to rootkit my pc's, my families, friends and many others around the world,
I therefore have an automatic tendency towards their competitors, provided I'm not loosing out as a consumer too much...

Plus my flatscreen at home. is a Toshiba, so if Toshiba rule the format wars my Home entertainment system with be more asthetically pleasing :)

And in response to your WOW
Its not ignorance, its a combination of things
A) the fact that I already had a considerable bias towards Sony due to the reliability of several bits of hardware I have encountered

B) Making controversial, easily arguable statements leads more interesting debates,

As for the Microsoft Gaming making a statement about IE tie ins,

No I wouldn't expect them to make a statement.

However, if Microsoft Gaming put code into their games that automatically set up a service to detect non-MS os's on the network, register the Mac Address and wait until the machine rebooted then tried to use a Network boot to attach and format the OS off the machine,

or if they (lets just pretend) released games for Apple and linux as well, but if you put the game into an apple machine then it downloaded exploitable code into your kernel.

Then I would expect Microsoft as a whole to apologise.

I don't care if they scapegoat and entire department or subsidary and say

"Hey this subsidary was messed up, and did the wrong thing, this looks bad on microsoft as a whole and we would like to put forward that Whilst it was a decision made by what is effectively a separate entity, however they carry the MS name, so we'd first like to emphasis our lack of accountability for the actions, but we'd like to offer our apologies"

I know that its an incredibly libelous society and any apology is an admission of guilt, but if they claim no knowledge or accountability, show (albeit fake) shock, and appologised, people would feel better and Sony BMG could trundle along claiming that they were doing everything perfectly ok and fighting the class action suits.

I definitely agree with you on the lack of real relevance of the format wars with the Dual Format Player - see this link here :)
The only problem will be if one side or the other starts deliberately hobbling this by refusing to licence manufacturers to use their technology in the same unit as contains the competitions tech.

Comment by HD Porn, on 5-Aug-2007 04:40

I have an HD DVD player, and I will probably end up buying some porn for it in HD, but I have never purchased a DVD for porn either, so not sure... I watch it online, so you can believe that I have invested some $$$ into the WMVHD format.

Either way, HD Porn is the best. :)

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