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Hyper kids, ADHD and Additives...

, posted: 7-Sep-2007 14:00

A newly released study proves what every parent, and I'd take a guess any person who has spent a reasonably time around children, has known for a long time,

and that is:
Red Cordial makes kids hyper!!

As do a number of other sugar and maize filled junk foods and orange juices with related preservatives and sugars.

While its always good for medical research to prove (or in some cases disprove) what everyone "thinks" to be the case.

but my issue now is the press.

I wish to offer a big pat on the back to the press agencies who are reporting this research reasonably well, AND there is not _THAT_ much FUD, yes many of the articles are quoting some "FUD" - mongers (such as Green MP Sue Kedgley who I'll be trying to get in touch with) but they are also quoting qualified doctors who are all very fast to say things along the line of

"it increases hypo behaviour, yes, and that'll help regardless of the presence of a hyperkinetic brain function issues or not"

As you would expect as soon as someone mentions "Hyperactive" or "Hyperactivity" immediately it jumps to ADHD.

and some of the news agencies are reporting this in such a way that it "Proves" that ADHD is caused by artificial colorings and preservatives such as was suggested 30 years ago.

when in fact if you read other news reports and take a look at fuller quotations rather than the abstracted quotes what is being said in short is that

Its not a cause by any stretch but a healthy diet will show better results than pumping your kid full of junk food all the time.
Good ol' forbes, "

Despite this apparent connection, Katz cautioned that the
increasing number of children with ADHD cannot be blamed on food
additives alone.

"No one factor is solely responsible for rising rates of
provides good coverage except for the quote from Sue Kedgeley (Green MP surprise surprise)

Green MP and safe food campaigner Sue Kedgley said the study gave "compelling evidence" on the dangers of additives.

have thousands of New Zealand children being prescribed powerful
psychiatric drugs like Ritalin when their behaviour could be simply due
to the chemical cocktails in what they're eating," she said. "

if the kids are just being pumped full of ritalin or dexamphetamine without a proper evaluation then thats a failing of the parents, the clinician and the health system. so I wish ignorant tarts such as that would keep their mouths shut.,8599,1659835,00.html

the times present a well balanced article also.

Disclaimer: this is an Opinionated blog, and that means that a well balanced, truthful or well presented article is one that agrees with me :)

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