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Bee's, Bears and the End of the World... its a fairly dreary outlook...

, posted: 10-Sep-2007 13:20

Taking a glance through the reported news today, I find its a fairly dreary outlook,

Honey Bee's are all dying off, and the mysterious ways in which they disappear (a phenomenon know for years as CCD - Colony Collapse Disorder, is now apparently due to a virus that was first isolated in israel.

although I think this is much more of an issue for Northern Hemisphere countries, I thought I might bring New Zealands own crisis to a bit of light.

for those of you living in the North Island, tell me, when was the last time you saw a honey bee not a wasp or a bumblebee, but a good ol' humble honey bee.

I bet its been a while, perhaps you've seen the odd one or two if you are lucky.

I remember back when I was a kid, you would always see them on the lawn and getting stung was not that uncommon an occurence for barefoot 6 to 10 year olds.

the big risk here is Varroa, which has now been found everywhere in the North Island, although is not totally widespread,

Varroa is a parasitic bee mite, more info click the pic


The other question that many scientists and researchers more informed and smarter than me, are asking some in fact out right suggesting, is that the dropping number of bees is related to climate change.

We keep hearing waffle about the kyoto protocol and Carbon Credits, but I often wonder what we can possibly do to help things.

I always wanted to, at some stage in my life see polar bears in the wild, however due to the shrinking amount of ice, and global climate change, apparently they are becoming more and more threatened.

Google News on Warming vs. Polar bear deaths

Google News on Honey Bees

Its all a bit depressing really, but what is more depressing, is that more people care about Steve Jobs and the cost of songs and podcasts on iTunes, than the fate of an incredibly Majestic species that inhabits the arctic, or a fascinatingly complex insect that has the survival of entire ecosystems resting on its shoulders.

A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein goes along the lines of saying "if all the bees died, mankind would have not more than 4 years left"

and while there has been no proof that Einstein said that, nor do I think mankind would disappear in four years,

no bee's would make a whole lot of things a whole lot harder, because you need to pollinate plants and keep 'em growing and bearing fruit.

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 10-Sep-2007 14:10

I see HEAPS of them! We have abeehives all over the place!!!!

The last auckland address we were at has a beehive which has just been duplicated to another suburb.

Sadly in the new place half the people are "allergic" which is of course all in their heads but oh well.

There are basically no bees anywhere, same goes for birds.

We have thought about having a muni wifi network inside the beehives.

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