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NZ Chief Spymaster announces Cyber attacks compromised government computers...

Warren Tucker, head of the Security Intelligence Service has announced in his first interview since taking up the role, that the SIS have detected a number of successful attacks against New Zealand government systems.

The fingers aren't being pointed anywhere specific, however they are saying that it is likely to have originated from foreign governments,

Canada's own security service has noted both the Chinese and Russian agencies have been implicated in various government attacks worldwide, including the UK, and the Pentagon in the US.

The sad part is that I'm not surprised about the compromised government systems in the least, Having worked on a number of systems for various departments, I'm pretty certain that the breaches occur alot more often than we would like to think,

Honestly it would not take a great amount of skill to crack into a large number of these systems, otherwise we'd be much safer from foreign government attacks, because just like our government, foreign governments pay, well, "government" salaries.

As a side note, I am curious as to what the NZ military / intelligence services involvement is like with Australia and the US as part of the intelligence gathering treaty, does that include in a Cyber sphere?

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Comment by Bung, on 11-Sep-2007 08:56

When it was looking as if the SIS didn't have much to do it was suggested that they be used in the fight against local crime/drug syndicates.

Time to look busy, cue some sabre rattling about the "foreign" bogey men.

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