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Privacy laws get long overdue tidyup over Motorist Registration (NZ)

, posted: 4-Oct-2007 07:16

A Land Transport Amendment Bill will ensure greater privacy for car owners.

No longer will anyone be able to walk into a post-office and get all your private details from your Registration plate, from here on in, the details will only be handed over to groups cleared by the transport Minister.

Ok, thats a big step in the right direction.


What I would much rather see is the requirement to be approved by the privacy commissioners office,
say the companies must be audited for ethical private information use.

moving further, I would like to see a rating system introduced, where any company that requests any information off you must display their "Ethical Treatment of Privacy" rating,

It could be a star based system, much like a hygiene  certificate that a restaurant needs to display.

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Comment by barf, on 4-Oct-2007 10:54

you could already apply for confidential status...

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