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TelstraClear charges increasing.

, posted: 23-Jun-2008 12:53

As of the 1st of July TCL are increasing the cost of Cable Broadband by $10 pretty much across the board, at least, in what I would guess would be their most popular plans ( ok, so the 10g plan is going up $5)

Old Vs New charges:

Broadband Plans Speed (Downstream/Upstream) Usage Allowance Monthly Charge New Charge
HighSpeed 10G Up to 4 Mbps / 2 Mbps 10G $49.95 $54.95
LightSpeed 20G Up to 10 Mbps / 2 Mbps 20G $69.95 $79.95
LightSpeed 40G Up to 10 Mbps / 2 Mbps 40G $99.95 $109.95
LightSpeed 80G Up to 10 Mbps / 2 Mbps 80G $139.95 $149.95
WarpSpeed 120G Up to 25 Mbps / 2 Mbps 120G                $229.95  $229.95

I am at a loss as to why TCL are doing this, as not only are they increasing their charges, but, many of us on the 40g and 80g plans have been recieving a $20 per month discount due to TCL not being happy with the performance that we have been recieving,

yet low and behold! the same time I recieve the notification of the increase in charges I recieve a notification that Telstraclear feel they have almost completed the upgrade of their network and are now happy with the performance they are delivering.

so that increases the amount I pay for the internet by $30 per month! and there has been no difference in my broadband performance which leads me to one of two assumptions

A) I was never really affected in the ways other people were and the crappy-ish speeds I get are what they deem acceptable.
B) they were concerned at the time about loosing customers to competitors and now they have seen an unprecedented increase in demand for their cable broadband, they aren't so worried.

or Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree? perhaps they are trying to limit numbers using an increased cost so that those who are willing to pay, recieve the performance they are actually paying for?

that said, I'm still incredibly annoyed that as yet, the only place you can get the Warpspeed plan is Christchurch. I have been waiting particularly impatiently for a nice fast 25mbps connection, and as yet, TCL have still not delivered on there promise of 25mbps by november (2007!!)

well I guess the other thing TCL know is that they as yet have no real competition in the broadband space - around the target market of the higher end users (on the 40G and 80G plans)

so they really can do what they want unfortunately.


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Comment by sbiddle, on 23-Jun-2008 14:34

25Mbps is not far away in Wellington. The move to the new CMTS's is almost complete.

Author's note by inane, on 23-Jun-2008 14:41

Whilst the Optimism (and quite probably statement of fact) is appreciated and duly noted,

by my recollection, 25mbps was not far away in wellington earlier than this time last year according to TCL.

Comment by Screeb, on 23-Jun-2008 17:21

Not to mention it's a moot point for most people, given it's an extortionate $230.

Author's note by inane, on 24-Jun-2008 09:37

Screeb, I agree it is expensive, however,
I believe (and hope) like a lot of technology that this price will decrease with increased demand.

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