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The Dark Knight: Batman remodeled.

, posted: 28-Jul-2008 12:36

I took the opportunity to see "The Dark Knight" on saturday night, (in Reading Cinemas Gold Lounge)

and I have to admit, the hype is not totally misplaced, it is a stunning movie,

Heath Ledger truly played the part to a legendary level, the gadgets again are fantastic,

the sheer grittyness that was brough about made it all the more real, rather than having a fantastical approach, it gave it a realisticness lacking in many hero movies.

I'd love to write more but I'd hate to spoil it,

I think this movie will go down as a definite movie to watch.

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Comment by freitasm, on 28-Jul-2008 12:47

Good, good. Going tomorrow.

Comment by chakkaradeep, on 28-Jul-2008 15:03

The background score keeps us alive all along the movie at the edge of the seat  and sure this 'Joker' is one of the worst and scariest villians ever!

Comment by n00dy, on 28-Jul-2008 19:34

ONe hell of a movie, well worth the ticket, Bale is to batman as conery is to bond, he really suits the part, gone is the kiddie them and genre enter serious mature movie GReat

Comment by Aloha, on 29-Jul-2008 00:39

I saw it on the first week in the Imax in Sydney. It was breathtaking. And Heath deserves an Oscar!

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