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, posted: 5-Aug-2008 14:00

40 Sleep Hacks: The Geek's Guide to Optimizing Sleep, (A Book Review)

The other day, in one of my epic odesseys across the internet, much like the xkcd comic:

I came across a fantastic book,

Its called (as you may have already noticed) 40 Sleep Hacks, The Geek's Guide to Optimizing sleep

Immediately it appealed to me, the title is fantastic, and a great example of targeting your intended audience!

The book starts as most books do, with a title page, followed by a table of contents, and About and legal info, then jumps straight into the sleep hacks,

The beginning is relatively straightforward, especially if, like me you have researched into improving your sleep quality,

The first few are a bit "duh!" but at the same time, they are presented in a refreshing light, in a way that slaps you across the top of the head in the sort of manner of "yeah, well if you already knew it, why aren't you doing it!"

So the first few look at preserving an efficient circadian rythym, and looking after your zeitgerbers.

Not only do they have great insights in the first few tips, they also provide external references, and discuss how the techniques work for insomniacs with 26 or 27 hour+ circadian rythyms.

So, I'm already enthralled in this book, and lo-and behold, Sleep hack 3 quotes a great source. XKCD. fantastic.

Sleep hack four provides great information on Polyphasic sleep and a link to  a book by Claudio Stampi (a noted sleep researcher), the book is unfortunately out of print, but fortunately they have provided a link to download a pdf of his book, "Why We Nap"

The book contains a truck load of studies on polyphasic and ultrashort sleep.

Once it covers the basics, it goes on to discuss diet, and covers some very important basics that many of us (myself included) were not fully aware o

After Dieting it goes on to discuss nap mastery, then the ultimate, the Caffeine nap :D I love these,

effectively you drink coffee, go to sleep before it kicks in, you wake up naturally about 30 minutes later feeling boosted and with a mild euphoria.

It then gets into the really geeky stuff, where to download nap tracks, and how to generate your own sleep inducing MP3's.

The book then goes on to discuss dreaming and creativity, seriously interesting topics such as Lucid Dreaming,  Hypnagogia,
Overclocking your brain and dream journals.

The next step covers your sleep environment, it then moves on to SLEEP GADGETS!

theres a range of sleep gadgets, some of them straight forward and obvious, others, well no so abvious.

Section 7 covers psychology.

There is some great tips, all backed by verifiable studies, regarding;

* how to improve the quality of your sleep,
* how to train your brain to wake up to alarms,
* maintaining a positive attitude,
* the art of slow wave sleep and how to harness this to ensure you wake up in a state of mild euphoria,

It then finishes off with some great hacks on lifestyle.

Overall, this book is a great resource for achieving better sleep and its really well written, in such a way that it engages my geekiness and hooks me into the whole "just one more" when it comes to reading the hacks.

I highly recommend it.

you can download the E-Book here:
its completely free, you do need to sign up for the news letter though,

I believe its also available via torrent from various e-book torrent suppliers, but I'd personnally go via the website (this e-book is free to distribute)

the website has some other great articles as well

More information

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