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Mobile Advertising, Youtube tests adverts on its mobile portal

, posted: 19-Aug-2008 12:27

Youtube Mobile Advertising,

So youtube has begun testing out ads for its mobile portal,

this move doesn't surprise me, and unfortunately, I'm not neccessarily unsupportive of the move.

basically I think that ways need to be produced that allow for the monetization of mobile content in the media space, so that we are able to freely access video and music content.

I prefer ads to have to pay twice thats for sure.

especially when using the mobile sphere, as the data charges themselves are already pushing through the roof.

whilst I don't neccessarily like ads (who does) and I hate datamining, I must admit that a certain amount of datamining is _crucial_ to serving up relevant advertising successfully.

however, What I would like to see is a more engaging user model.

eg, if i click on an ad on my phone I have a present email account set up with google (for instance) that means the details of the ad gets sent there
for me to review later (although it would drop the click through rate it would increase the engagement per click)

As part of the test they are only advertising on select pages on youtube, in the US and Japan, (so us kiwi's are safe for the moment)

According to YouTube they have millions of people visiting youtube on their phones everyday...

One assumes that a majority of those millions are iPhone users.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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