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Large Hadron Collider - More bust, No Boson.

, posted: 22-Sep-2008 13:30

The Big Bang is still holding off its illusive secrets for a while long as it was annouced recently there has been more issues delaying the much anticipated collisions in the collider.

Although it was hoped the problem could be resolved quickly, it turns out that unfortunately, it won't be as quickly as hoped.

whilst the anticipated time to fix the problem is tiny compared to how long its taken to get this far - 2 months at least to fix the problem - but we've been waiting in anticipation for this project to complete for 20 years now,

but two months just seems a very long time to all the people waiting for results.

so what was the issue at hand?
Well the symptom was:
<>They had to shut down the LHC when temperatures rose by rought 100°C
causing around 1000kg of liquid helium to leak into the tunnel.

This sounds like a hell of a lot, but you need to remember, your average room temperature of 23°C is roughly 294°c hotter than the temperature they run the LHC at, so when the temperature rose by 100°C it was still pretty chilly in there (around  -171.15 °C)

The LHC runs near absolute zero, absolute Zero is defined as 0 kelvin, with the LHC running at 2 kelvin, which is -273.15 and -271.15 degrees celsius respectively)

The actual problem has not be precisely defined, they anticipate that it was caused by a faulty electrical connection between two magnets that stopped superconducting - then melted, which caused a mechanical failure leading to the helium getting out.

So we'll be waiting a while longer for the really intensive experimentation to begin, that said, if the doomsayers are right, or the scientists get the equivalent of winning (some percentage of all the lottery competitions in the world on the same night that I saw being bandied around as the chances) then we get a couple more months on this Earth.

Although at least if you are in NZ, apparently based on a number of calculations, if the highly unlikely event of a large enough singularity does occur, it'll take a wee while to grow big enough to destroy the planet so we'll get plenty of warning!

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