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High powered rifles, no licence required

, posted: 13-Oct-2008 20:24

Currently in New Zealand you can buy an air rifle / gun without a licence,

However after two police officers were shot during a clandestine operation,
one put into intensive care and one tragically sustaining fatal wounding, they are now reviewing the laws governing the sale of air guns.

The Arms Ammendment Bill can be viewed here

the most important points (for airgun owners such as myself) are:

* Firearms will be any air rifle over 34 joules (25.077113076 lbf)

* On Page 27 it states that this is justified as the number of Air rifles over this power is not significant.

* Clause 5 will be ammended so that you will need to be a licenced firearms dealer to sell, repair, *modify* or manufacture parts of an airgun.

There is all manner of discussion points around this, such as what will qualify as a modification, as well as some fairly intelligent debate around the bill over at the NZ Airgunners forum here

The problem is, due to the views many people I have spoken to hold about airguns, many are wondering how the policeman got killed - or think it was really bad luck to get killed with a "slug gun",

The reality is quite different, the officer was not killed with a .177 or .22 calibre air rifle, such as many of the more common rifles, although even these can be very lethal and powerful and if you were hit in the wrong place (or the right place from the perspective of shooting to kill) could be a one shot kill.

But he was killed with something a bit different to the old farm slug gun you crack and pump, nor was it one of the more accurate and powerful target air-rifle .22's

he was kill with a 5.5mm PCP rifle, also referred to as a Gas powered rifle,

PCP stands for Pre Charged Pnuematic,

There is a huge difference between your average air rifle and a Precharged pnuematic air rifle,

for all intents and purposes, a PCP is just as powerful as a regular gun of similar specification, just it uses air as the propulsion rather than a small explosive charge - except - they don't have the range of the explosive charge rifles.

And as much as it worries me that the government may go too far an get draconian in their implementation of new laws,

The fact is I don't think you should be able to by high powered rifles without a licence regardless of how the bullet is propelled.

It is my understanding, that without a licence, currently, you could even purchase the grand - daddy of Precharged Pneumatic rifles,

the Korean company shinsung make the "Career Dragon Slayer" 50 calibre, pre-charged pnuematic air-rifle.

this thing is scary. I definitely think you should have a license before you can get one of these:

unfortunately due to issues with scripting on the blogs currently, I cant post java script,

so the video of the Dragon slayer is here

but heres some photos

Ok, so its a single shot, but that gun packs some serious punch!

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Comment by Peter Davy, on 22-Nov-2008 16:53

I think that is a load of garbage. Automobiles kill hundreds of people every year but nobody wants to ban cars. You can kill somebody with just about anything if you want. People get murdered with knives a lot so shall we ban knives?

Draconian police state laws that leave the majority of the population unprotected while criminals still acquire guns on the blackmarket anyway.

When I was a kid every boy I knew had a .22 rifle and went rabbit hunting. It kept kids out of trouble and taught them about responsibility.

We're turning into a nation of wishy washy namby pamby sheep constantly bullied by corrupt cops who do anything they like then go all crybaby everytime it goes wrong for them.

I don't agree with meth dealers but I don't agree with a police state either. The cops want more and more dangerous toys to play with all the time and they shoot more and more unarmed people every year.

At this rate we'll need a special license just to go and buy an axe to chop firewood while the cops will be walking around with flamethrowers.

They create a state of paranoia simply by the restrictive way they treat people.

Comment by Kyle Rajasthan, on 1-Feb-2009 15:39

I happen to own an earlier model of Shinsung's fine air rifle. I have a Career Dragon .50. This type of air rifle is made for hunting. It's accurate, it's very powerful, but it is not likely to become a criminals best friend anytime soon. Why? Well; it's expensive for one, I paid 650.00 USD for mine, then I had to buy a scope too, then of course you need something to charge it up with. It requires 3,000 PSI of compressed air you know. So that was 250.00 for the pump as well. By the time you add it all up, plus shipping, you have now spent about 1000.00 bucks, and you still need the pellets, or round balls. As you pointed out, it is a single shot rifle. The point here is, it's not the type of gun you need to worry about, it's the idiot using it. Anything can be used to harm someone if that is what you want to do. I also have a Greener Heavy Harpoon gun (actually it's a 1000 lbs cannon)that was originally used for whaling. I use it to harpoon cars (junkyard, not on the road). It's fun to put a 40 lbs harpoon through a junk car. Many just hearing me say that would say, "We have to ban that!" I say why. I am not doing anything to harm anyone, I'm just having fun. Isn't that what life is all about?

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