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Rare and collectable cigars...

, posted: 17-Oct-2008 14:10

well, perhaps...

I recently obtained from a family member  a small collection of various cigars,

while I have lost some of the loose ones to a series of small fires, particularly those which were apparent to me to have not much collectable value, or were obviously stale / broken,

I still have a significant quantity of other cigars and boxes, and I wondered if anyone out there on the internet can help me identify, and work out the value of them, - as I'd hate to smoke them only to discover that they were the cigar equivalent of a bottle of 1951 penfolds grange!!

while thats unlikely, I'm still keen if anyone can give me any information!

onto the Significant Cigars:

Box 1: Schimmelpenninck Marca Selecta
- 25 Half Corona



plastic wrap slighly opened but otherwise completed sealed,


Box 2: Romeo y Julieta
25 panatellas, box opened, 9 cigars left



Box 3: Henri Wintermans; Half Corona; made in holland, 25 in the box, still in full plastic wrap



Box 4: "TABACALERA, "THE FINEST CIGARS SINCE 1881", hand made, 100% tobacco, manilla, phillipines"
Fully sealed in plastic wrap, the box stickers under the plastic wrap are still intact also.


Those are the cigars in the collection that I think might be the most significant, I've got double the amount of empty cigar boxes and some porcelain cigar branded containers along with 10 boxes of Rothmans Royales - still in the display box, each packet still fully plastic wrapped as well, but I don't know if those are worth anything!!

So thats my little bit of a sidetrack from the usual topics I discuss, and as mentioned, I'd love some assistance with getting an idea of the value of the posted cigars / boxes if anyone knows anything!!

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Comment by askelon, on 17-Oct-2008 18:07

Chuck the guys that run the following website a email..  They would be able to tell you..

Comment by Dratsab, on 18-Oct-2008 03:53

I doubt the Dutch or Philipine cigars will be worth much, but I'll forward this blog link to a mate of mine who's a bit of a cigar officiando.  Hopefully he can help you out...

Comment by jabba400, on 20-Oct-2008 08:56

The DUtch cigars are a good smoke (Holland very underrated in this part of the world as a producer of Cigars, but they have been building smokes for yonks).

The Romeo and Juliet are one of the premier Cuban brands.  Their Churchills and Number 1's take a bit of getting through.  A very strong smoke.

Schimmels and Winterman are fairly mainstream now.  I don't know about older stock.

Author's note by inane, on 20-Oct-2008 10:42

I must say, I have had a couple of the romeo y julieta and they are really really nice cigars

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