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, posted: 22-Oct-2008 14:00

Its been a while since I posted, and I have a bit of an obsession against allowing my blog to go dry.

so I thought I would provide some of the links to sites I read on a daily basis, that I find entertaining, useful or novel,

Along with throwing in a few jokes along the way.

  • Xkcd -
    • "A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math and language" - Updated every Monday, Wednesday and friday.
    • A great comic, including the classic:
    • SUDO

News Feeds
I subscribe to a number of different News feeds, I must admit depending on the story, I sometimes find the contrasting views to be totally absurd, usually comically, and unfortunately at times scarily disturbing,

  • This is one of the larger (largest?) news sources coming from the middle - east, they used to have a great blog called "Don't Bomb Us!" which was written after the US bombed one of their buildings tragically killing a number of their reporters and other staff, I think they have discontinued it now.
  • This site is great to get a handle on the opposing views of the vairous American based news agencies, 
On the day of writing this (Wednesday October 22, there was an interesting article called "American Culture of War" - which certainly wasn't available in their english site, and its actually quite an interesting article that I'll likely write more on,

however, you can read about it in its original form here:, or translated from google here

BBC News

  • Living in A western country its almost impossible to have not heard of the BBC, and in most countries around the world, I don't generally follow the localised copies of the BBC news, I just follow the BBC World news head lines.
  • Surprisingly enough I find that the news reported from BBC is much closer to the News reported from Aljazeera, than the news from the American Sources,
  • Particularly when it comes to the quality of articles, and the intended audience, where the BBC and Aljazeera will have intelligently written articles which ar e usually attempting to state the facts and not be bias or emotive, the american sources seem to have largely forgotten how to write anything but opinion pieces.
  • They too have some good live video news feeds, along with a huge range of podcasts, alerts, email updates, etc,
Google News

Bankok Post

  • The Bankok post is quite interesting for getting a differrent view point on events happening around the world, particularly in the US, as Thailand has quite strong Links with the US they do discuss a lot of the US happenings, however it is a different viewpoint that the norm on the Events in the US.
  • That said, they are largely focused on the Events in and around Thailand - as thats where the paper is from!
  • feed:
NZ Herald:
  • I wont discuss this one too much, but it covers the news from NZ and around the world  - they are als o the only news site I have a google gadget for that implants ads - and therefore I wont like to them.
The Register (
  • I couldn't talk about news sites I enjoy without mentioning TheReg the register totes itself as biting the hand that feeds IT
  • I highly recommend this site to anyone at all interested in IT stuff, particularly the Bastard Operator from Hell (BofH)
  • They have a great policy of requiring for the Most part an IT angle in any article, and where this policy is not met it has to have a paris hilton angle!

Miscellanous Other things

Shoutwire (
  • Shoutwire is good for a bit of comedy relief and to see how people fail much harder than one expects, especially on the internet.
  • good for a laugh.
Geekzone latest Blog posts (

Sites for the Lols

well that about does it for today. I find those sites interesting on a daily basis. maybe you will too!

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