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, posted: 10-Feb-2009 12:50

Honestly the last few weeks have really set the global
warming evangelists off, or at least, one would have expected
that the events around the world should have.

however I have only seen vague mention in the press,
one assume this is due to the actual events being much more news
worthy - or at least - news, selling, worthy.

From snow storms in Britain, worst that has been seen in decades or more
to huge flooding in Queensland, the worst fires in recent history
in south - eastern australia, and many many more such events around
the world, its quite indicative that the weather patterns are changing.

or at least it looks that way.

I find an odd parallel to all these events, with the current economic
climate, where there are disasters going on all around the world.

dollar values dropping and its all doom and gloom, in fact it feels
as though you can't open a newspaper, flick on the (regular) tv, or
browse any news websites without it all being doom and gloom!

I can't offer much in the way of hope around that. but at the same
time, I think in some ways the current down turn of markets and increased
costs could be a boon in the long term, as is often said,

"neccessity is the mother of invention" and  I think with the current
climate impeding on spending and investment along with curtailing
consumer spending, it may be a glimmer of a hope of a silver lining
that I think it will foster innovation.

not the leap and bounds innovations in new technologies or new better and
more fantastical things, but more innovation in the small factor,

small but many optimisations, cutting the fat out of things so to speak.

its a bit like eating right and exercising, the world as I see it is going
going through a necessary period, where its having to tighten its belt and
start exercising, as the time of glutonous consumption is nearing an end.

Thats not the nicest view, particularly looking at those who are suffering the
most through the economic downturn but still, I think it could lead
towards teaching people a bit more of a benefitial lesson in scrimping
and being more careful.

the other benefit, which I haven't seen mentioned, is that with less leisure money,
comes more simple leisure time.

sure you can't afford to take the kids to disney land, but I think
one of the best ways of saving money is to take the family out bushwalking,
play a game of soccer down at the local park. build a snow man,

do paper macheie (apologies for the spelling!).

yes there will be those who will have less time on their hands,
unfortunately having to spend more time working to cover the bills.

and thats a tragedy.

But to be honest, I don't think that will be the case for the large majority
of the readers of my writing, I think in actual fact the economic downturn
will mean having to suffer hanging onto that first generation iPhone you
imported from the states rather than upgrading to an iPhone 2.0 or a google android handset.

it will mean sticking with the two 19 inch monitors you currently have,
rather than going to twin 24's.

and it will mean curtailing the spending on luxury spending, such as going out on the town
and to dinner, and various activities like that.

I am mildly curious to see where the current global and local markets and situations will go.

its hard to see an end to it. from my limited understanding of it all,
it seems so unstable that it could be the worst of it now, and all of
a sudden things could improve tomorrow, or, it could be just the beginning, and it could take
years and years before things get any better!

all I know is that throughout these times we must remain positive and thankful for what we do have.

My heart goes out to those suffering loss of life, family, home and precious memories in the tragic bush fires
in Victoria, and I urge you all to donate to the red cross to help.

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