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My Love - Hate relationship with my iPhone

, posted: 25-Jul-2009 13:35

I got My iPhone 2g around 18 months ago,

since then, for the most part, its been a great phone.

I've enjoyed using it, and its been incredibly robust.

those that have met me in real life have seen the cracks in the screen and dents in the body.

but there are a few things that just irritate the hell out of me.


Ok, the browser isnt bad, it works reasonably well,  and I enjoy the multiple window feature.

with one glaring exception.

and thats the HORRID refresh feature. I mean seriously.

for instance. I'll click on a picture from a fully loaded webpage, it'll take me to a new window where that picture loads.

I'll check out said funny picture *hehe* then I'll go back to my previous window.

WITHOUT WARNING, prompt or reason, 4 times out of 6 it will decide it needs to refresh the page.

WHY! APPLE WHY!  who thought that was a good idea?? I had the page fully loaded. It WAS  STILL LOADED when I opened the window.


I'm sure its not as frustrating if you are on a 3G or 3Gs, and I don't even mind when I am on WiFi.

but when I am browsing out and around town, and using godawful dialup speeds I DONT WANT ANY

you hear me ANY automated refreshing. I WILL CHOOSE WHEN I WANT TO REFRESH. ARAARARARAGH!U

it really really gets me wild.
5 minute breather. ok calmed down.

ok, so that is the thing that pisses me off the most. more than anything else on my iPhone.

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Comment by mattyboy2, on 26-Jul-2009 13:37


I'm a new iPhone user having recently forked out for a 3GS. What pisses me off is a similar issue you mentioned, with youtube. You wait and wait for the fucking clip to buffer and you watch it all the way through. But then when you want to watch the same clip from the beginning again the fuckin thing buffers all over again!

Obviously a ploy by Apple to make you use more data so pay more in  data charges!


Comment by mike, on 27-Jul-2009 17:12

This is probably because Mobile Safari has a small available cache and as it downloads the big picture it clears the cache of the prior page, hence the need to refresh.

Do you notice this on all or only certain sites?

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