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Razer Mamba. fantastic.

, posted: 3-Aug-2009 12:59

Much to my crying and pleading, and attempts at further fixing it, my Razer diamondback shone its last little red beam last week.

not to cry over busted mouse too long... (well busted cable, it had been thrice fixed through a complicated process of wiggling the cable until it went, then taping that cable in place using sticky tape - A process I'm sure you are all familiar with)

but it was a sad time for me. I tried to use one of the more regular optical mice I had around $15 - $20 three button (left button, right button, scroll wheel) but I just couldn't stand them. so I started reading around looking for a new mouse.

I reviewed a number of options, and ended up choosing the Razer Mamba. it is absolutely fantastic, but not only that, but I ordered it at around 9:30am friday morning.

come into work this morning, and already waiting for me was my package. I'm impressed. next working day arrival when I ordered from a company in the states impresses me (ok, there was saturday and sunday for the planes to fly, but still thats pretty awesome)

I'll post up further details along with pictures shortly.

but I gotta give two thumbs up to the guys at Razer. that is some excellent organisation, lets face it. I probably wouldn't have been able to get something shipped from auckland any faster!!

To get one yourself or check out the other great mice and pro gaming peripherals check it out here:

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Comment by paradoxsm, on 4-Aug-2009 00:08

My diamondback is still going strong, if you are going to discard it (I'd suggest hanging on to it or displaying it) send it my way.

That mouse and my old IBM model-M keyboards will never perish.

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