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Some thoughts on Twitter, facebook and the dot com bubble burst.

, posted: 11-Nov-2009 20:25

It seems to me than many of the current "Social networking" and web 2.0 sites are merging towards the same stream, which is I guess a good thing,

when you take a look at all the different offerings out there, its nice to see various applications, and social networking destinations starting to play nice with each other, as for quite a while it appeared to be quite the "them or us" type scenario,

I know that there are a variety of reasons too, lets face it, MySpace giving you the facility to log in from facebook is a move made for survival as a rearguard action, but it might save it yet,

all myspace needs to do now is focus on its strengths, if it has any (apparently this is music, I've never had a myspace account so I dont know!)

Facebook of course is doing very nicely, in fact in many ways it is the "Portal" that many, hundreds of small and large companies dreamed of creating around the first dot com boom,

of course, we all know the multitude of reasons why the various portals failed, however Facebook is certainly moving that way.

I for one, don't use facebook, it is for my own personal reasons, but I have an irknig feeling I will eventually have to again,

I have dabbled once or twice in the past, but for now I don't see me rushing back to them.

The interesting thing is though, all the different social media applications, including the big guys such as Twitter and Googles Friend feed (ok ok its not really a huge one, but lets face it, anything google does == big)

are all integrating further and further with facebook,

and with all the connecting and links thrown around the web, it'll be interesting to see how things go, one must admit, avoiding facebook is getting, much, much harder!

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