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New Zealand goes live with its nationwide content filtering firewall

, posted: 11-Mar-2010 11:50

Currently the NZ interwebs are abuzz with the fact that the DIA is now firewalling in conjuction with ISPs.

but due to the nature of the content they are firewalling one cannot know what sites are being blocked.

yes currently they claim that they are only blocking child porn ( but this claim is unverifiable because noone knows what they are blocking) but once this precident has been set, its very easy for the governent to start blocking other sites, that they might find inconvienient.

I'll not write too much as Freitasms post sums it up all much more succintly...
Techliberty also have a good write up as to why its a bad idea here

I'll just leave you with my quick rip off of "First they came"

... first they blocked the child porn, but i did nothing for I am not a pedophile...
... then they blocked the small breasted women, but i did nothing for fear of being called a pedophile...
... then they blocked all adult sites, but I did nothing as they were "protecting the children".........
.... then they blocked all objectionable writing, but I did nothing as it was in the "general publics best interests"...
.... then they blocked all free music, but I did nothing as it might be copywrite infringement....
.... then they blocked my writing, because i was not sanctioned by the government. and no one did anything because it was too late...

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