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Apache AKU2 vs overclocked harrier...

, posted: 27-Jun-2006 18:31

Apache results to come...
The First results in:


The Harrier was running at 1ghz (disclaimer, I by no means suggest it is safe, nor do I recommend overclocking any device at any time)



Spb Benchmark Indices

Spb Benchmark index 1030.72 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
CPU index 1331.06 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
File system index 813.85 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
Graphics index 1040.11 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
ActiveSync index insufficient number of tests were done. (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
Platform index 914.75 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)

Main test results

Test Time Speed % of iPAQ 3650* speed
Write 1 MB file 903 ms 1134 KB/sec 143%
Read 1 MB file 57.7 ms 17.3 MB/sec 95%
Copy 1 MB file 901 ms 1136 KB/sec 144%
Write 10 KB x 100 files 1385 ms 739 KB/sec 132%
Read 10 KB x 100 files 187 ms 5.36 MB/sec 84%
Copy 10 KB x 100 files 1659 ms 617 KB/sec 130%
Directory list of 2000 files 134 ms 14.9 thousands of files/sec 12%
Internal database read 886 ms 1129 records/sec 268%
Graphics test: DDB BitBlt 9.84 ms 102 frames/sec 378%
Graphics test: DIB BitBlt 45.5 ms 22 frames/sec 163%
Graphics test: GAPI BitBlt 8.5 ms 118 frames/sec 55%
Pocket Word document open 8232 ms 31.6 KB/sec 102%
Pocket Internet Explorer HTML load 3853 ms 6.42 KB/sec 49%
Pocket Internet Explorer JPEG load 1148 ms 221 KB/sec 419%
File Explorer large folder list 4533 ms 441 files/sec 86%
Compress 1 MB file using ZIP 5441 ms 186 KB/sec 176%
Decompress 1024x768 JPEG file 508 ms 554 KB/sec 173%
Arkaball frames per second 12.6 ms 79.2 frames/sec 73%
CPU test: Whetstones MFLOPS 4934 ms 0.075 Mop/sec 163%
CPU test: Whetstones MOPS 1148 ms 54.9 Mop/sec 161%
CPU test: Whetstones MWIPS 10106 ms 4.95 Mop/sec 166%
Memory test: copy 1 MB using memcpy 18 ms 55.5 MB/sec 79%

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Comment by juha, on 27-Jun-2006 19:52

Woah, how do you overclock it?

Comment by paradoxsm, on 27-Jun-2006 23:46

Running at 1GHZ WTF! How easy (safe) is it to get 700MHZ out of it and do you know any Romdump / Extended rom unlockers? I must say... WOW!

Author's note by inane, on 28-Jun-2006 09:41

The overclocking I'll do a post about, however as a caviat, it is never safe to run a device outside of manufacturers specification, I'll talk more about the risks shortly. As for rom dumping or extended rom unlockers, I have both for both the apache and the Harrier, which were you after?

Comment by juha, on 28-Jun-2006 15:06

Apache for me. :)

Comment by paradoxsm, on 29-Jun-2006 19:49

Both for me! That would be fantastic! Cheers both Juha and Inane for the unlocking info you gave.

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