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Overclocked Harrier Vs AKU2 Apache

, posted: 27-Jun-2006 19:28

rather disappointed in the Apache I must admit... currently running the benchmark on a stock speed harrier... lets see how it goes...



Spb Benchmark Indices

Spb Benchmark index 342.45 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
CPU index 1684.81 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
File system index 137.69 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
Graphics index 2151.05 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
ActiveSync index insufficient number of tests were done. (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)
Platform index 368.58 (iPAQ 3650 scored 1000)

Main test results

Test Time Speed % of iPAQ 3650* speed
Write 1 MB file  1452 ms  705 KB/sec  89% 
Read 1 MB file  252 ms  3.97 MB/sec  22% 
Copy 1 MB file  1593 ms  643 KB/sec  81% 
Write 10 KB x 100 files  3786 ms  271 KB/sec  48% 
Read 10 KB x 100 files  501 ms  2 MB/sec  31% 
Copy 10 KB x 100 files  3716 ms  276 KB/sec  58% 
Directory list of 2000 files  1613 ms  1.24 thousands of files/sec  1% 
Internal database read  662 ms  1512 records/sec  359% 
Graphics test: DDB BitBlt  5.06 ms  198 frames/sec  735% 
Graphics test: DIB BitBlt  30.5 ms  32.8 frames/sec  243% 
Graphics test: GAPI BitBlt  3.81 ms  263 frames/sec  122% 
Pocket Word document open  36862 ms  7.07 KB/sec  23% 
Pocket Internet Explorer HTML load  3215 ms  7.7 KB/sec  59% 
Pocket Internet Explorer JPEG load  1605 ms  158 KB/sec  299% 
File Explorer large folder list  4566 ms  438 files/sec  85% 
Compress 1 MB file using ZIP  4771 ms  212 KB/sec  200% 
Decompress 1024x768 JPEG file  556 ms  506 KB/sec  158% 
Arkaball frames per second  6.43 ms  155 frames/sec  144% 
CPU test: Whetstones MFLOPS  4721 ms  0.079 Mop/sec  171% 
CPU test: Whetstones MOPS  1100 ms  57.3 Mop/sec  168% 
CPU test: Whetstones MWIPS  9856 ms  5.07 Mop/sec  170% 
Memory test: copy 1 MB using memcpy  9.45 ms  106 MB/sec  150% 

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Comment by freitasm, on 28-Jun-2006 08:30

AFAIK the SPB Benchmark wasn't working with Windows Mobile 5.0 devices and giving all sorts of invalid numbers. I am not sure it's been released for this platform yet.

Author's note by inane, on 28-Jun-2006 09:38

you may well be correct there, however, it doesnt say anywhere (that i saw) that they arent supporting wm5 yet. although that would explain some things.

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