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Guide to unlocking the Apache Extended - ROM

, posted: 29-Jun-2006 12:24

PART 1: - Viewing the Extended ROM

You will need a Registry editor.... or if you dont care how it works, you just want to see your files, skip to the end.

Backing up your registry is always a good idea before modifying.

Open your registry editor,

Browse to:


Change the DWORD Value of "MountHidden" to 0

now browse to


Change the DWORD Value of "BootPhase" to 2

you can now exit the editor, and soft - reset your device,

after restarting, you will be able to see the extended_ROM, through the file explorer in much the same way you can see / explore a Storage card.

You now have Read Access to Your Extended Rom,

I'll Post Part 2 containing the information on how to unlock your Extended rom for Write access shortly.

For those of you who just want to see your files,

Open notepad;

paste everything in italics into it into it:


save as bootphase.reg

create a new text doc.

paste everything in italics into it



save as

copy both files to your apache.

browse to them, tap them, tap yes, soft reset, all done.

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Comment by freitasm, on 29-Jun-2006 15:41

Good tips... How much is the freed area (or soon to be freed, when you provide the tip to actually write on that area)?

Author's note by inane, on 29-Jun-2006 15:46

total size of Extended ROM area is 9.93MB, the telecom & wm5 files take up 1.32MB of that. which leaves 8.61MB of ext-rom space for you to use! you can repartition the Ext-rom size, but Its a much more detailed process that I'll have to spend a bit of time writing.

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